Gifts for Teacher's

After family, it is teachers who play a crucial role in the overall development of a child. Teachers help in moulding the child’s personality and instill in him the importance of values, morals and discipline. Teachers help in encouraging the child to attain greater heights and guide them through critical phase of a student’s life.

You can give a gift to your teacher on the occasion of Teachers Day or at the end of the year as an appreciation of her efforts and love.

You can collect some amount from each of your friends in the class so that you can buy a bigger gift for your favorite teacher. Apart from the gift, you can buy a card on which each of you can sign and give it to the teacher.

Some Of The Gift Ideas For Teachers Are:

  1. You can gift him/her famous educator Rafe Esquith’s memoir ’Teach Like Your Hair’s on Fire’ to inspire him/her further to change the lives of his/her students in a positive way.
  2. You can sponsor a therapy session at a spa or beauty care session, including facial, manicure and pedicure, at a beauty parlor so that she can feel pampered, loved and relaxed after mentally strenuous exercise of teaching.
  3. You can also give her a gift basket containing aromatic body wash, body lotion, scrub and scented candles so that she can relax at home and get pampered too.

  4. You can put together a food gift basket containing breakfast food stuff like pancake mix, cookies made at home, oats and coffee so that she can sleep for long on a holiday morning. Or else you can give her gift basket containing food stuff for lunch or dinner like a packet of pasta, pasta sauce, garlic bread or whole wheat bread so that at least for a day she spends less time in the kitchen.
  5. A bouquet of fresh seasonal flowers is a gift that is liked by all women. The fresh flowers can brighten up the dullest of the days and make you feel happy and loved.
  6. If you or your mother is expert in baking cakes or cookies, you can gift home-made cake or cookies to your teacher. She will surely appreciate the gift as it will show her how much thought and efforts you have put in for the gift.
  7. If your teacher loves reading books, you can give her a gift certificate of a local book store from where she can buy books of her own choice. Else, you can gift her lifetime membership of a library.
  8. You can also gift her one-year or two-year subscription of a magazine of her interest. She will be reminded of your gift every month when the magazine arrives at her doorstep and appreciate your sweet and thoughtful gesture.

    Gift certificates of coffee shops, food joints and retail stores are also some of the options through which the teacher can indulge and pamper her.

  9. If your teacher likes watching movies, you can give her a gift coupon of a local video parlor or a gift certificate of a nearby theatre. If your teacher loves watching plays, you can gift her tickets or passes for a popular play showing at a nearby auditorium.
  10. You should give those gifts to your teacher which she might want but not buy for herself. You can give her a branded perfume, aromatic candles with exquisite candle holders and chocolates so that she feels pampered.
  11. You can also put together a scrapbook in which all the students of the class can write something about a teacher, maybe a few lines or a poem, and paste photos of the class too. She will surely keep it treasured throughout her life.
  12. You can also get a photo of you and your teacher framed and gift it to her.
  13. Even if your budget is not much, a few lines or a poem for the teacher by the students themselves on a card will be a prized possession for her as every teacher will like that their efforts and dedication are acknowledged and appreciated by her students. A hand-made card by the student is an even better gift idea.

Be it a heart-felt note or a big gift, teachers appreciate the fact that his/her students acknowledge her efforts. For her, what matters is that her students thought about her and her contributions towards shaping their lives and future.