Tattoos in Modern Era

Trend of Tattoos in Modern Era

Tattoo is a type of body art in which dyes or colors are inserted into the dermis layer of the skin. Tattoos have been sported by people across the world since pre-historic times for various reasons like cosmetic, spiritual, therapeutic and identification purposes.

These days, wearing tattoos are considered as the most ‘in’ and ‘cool’ thing to do with youth, adults and celebrities – be it sports or Hollywood stars, flaunting tattoos on their bodies. Some people get so much enamored by tattoo that they get two to three tattoos engraved on their bodies.

Tattoos in Modern Era

Tattoos in Modern Era:

In the modern times, the art of tattooing was popularized by Charlie Wagner and Law Alberts, who opened a tattoo parlor in New York City around 1940s. In that period, tattooing was done for cosmetic purposes to hide discolored skin, to color lips and add blush.

Tattooing slowly started getting popular throughout the world. Tattoo had been popular earlier also, in countries like Japan, Indonesia and Bhutan, but tattoo’s evolution in the modern times forced the world to see tattoo in a different light. Apart from spiritual and religious purposes, people started getting tattoos engraved on their bodies for decorative purposes too, to make a style statement.

Evolution of Tattoos:

The art of tattooing has evolved over the years, with changes not only witnessed in design and the styles of the tattoos, but also the procedures. In traditional procedure of tattooing, skin was cut and inks or ashes were put on the wounds to create tattoos. Sometimes, handmade tools were also used to pierce the skin to inject the inks.

In the modern method, tattoo machines are used for injecting ink in the skin through the needles that are attached to a bar that is connected to an oscillating unit. The modern procedure is considered safer and easier as compared to the traditional procedure. Also modern equipments like autoclave are used to sterilize the tattoo equipments to prevent any kind of infection or disease from being passed to the tattoo recipient.

Trend of Tattoos in Modern Era:

These days, people get tattoos engraved on their bodies more for emotional and decorative purposes. The emotional purpose of getting a tattoo could range from showing your love and concern for your loved ones or depicting our faith and beliefs through tattoos.

For religious purposes, people sport tattoos depicting religious hymns or quotes from religious scriptures like Bible and Koran. For sentimental purposes, people may sport the initials or first names of their loved ones. Some people even get their zodiac sign as a tattoo.People generally wear tattoos on their arms, lower neck, ankles and hip bone.

Tattoo artist generally have a brochure of tattoos available with them from which a client can select one and get it done on his body. If the client wants some modification, tattoo artist can personalize it according to the client’s demands. Tattoo sets its wearer apart from the peers, friends and gets him / her noticed in the crowd.

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