Tattoo Styles

How to Make a Choice of Tattoo Styles?

Tattoos have become an absolute style statement and these days different tattoo styles are available in every part of the world. The number of tattoo artists and tattoo parlors are available today in different parts of the world. If you are getting a tattoo for the first time, there will be many questions in your mind. Firstly, make sure that you are not rushing into it. Tattoos are painful and permanent so make up your mind slowly and steadily. The tattoo will be a part of your life so make sure that it is appropriate to fit in your life seamlessly. A wrong tattoo can destroy your first impression and affect your family, your career as well as your love life.

Choice of Body Location for the Tattoo

Tattoos are available for almost any part of the body and people do get them done at weird or strategic body locations. There are different tattoo styles to choose from and your body location will depend on the style you choose and vice versa. Most people like to get a tattoo on their arm because it can be displayed easily. Sleeve tattoos are pretty common but might not be best choices for the first timer. Sleeve tattoos are available as upper half, lower half, full and one fourth sleeve. Those looking forward to a small size tattoo often opt for the shoulder. This location is also chosen by those who want to hide their tattoo under their clothing at times. The back is good for those who want a big scenic tattoo while chest tattoos vary in style and sizes. If you want your tattoo to be visible at all times, you may consider areas like neck, legs, hands, stomach etc.

Tattoo Styles and Designs

There are many aspects that come to mind while choosing a tattoo design. You need to make various decisions like body part, black or colored, style, size, theme etc. Tribal designs are usually not colored and created only in black. Tribal tattoo styles are commonly chosen by males as the thick black lines represent strength. These tribal designs are known to originate from Maori, Polynesian and Aztec tribes. If you want a symbol of divinity on your body, designs like the cross and other religious symbols are also available. If you want to carry a dangerous or mysterious look, you may opt for skull art. Other symbols include female body form, either clothed or naked.

Kanji symbols have become pretty popular these days. These symbols come from Chinese letters and symbols. Most of them also have spiritual meanings like freedom, power, faith and empowerment etc. Other than this, you can get names, quotes and words tattooed on your body which have a special meaning for you. Many people tattoo the initials of their lovers or spouses on their hands or other intimate body parts. You can also take an idea of the tattoo styles that will suit you from your tattoo artist.

List of Tattoo Styles
Angel Tattoos Styles
Angel Back Tattoos · Angel Devil Tattoos · Angel Of Death Tattoos · Angel Tattoo Designs · Angel Tattoo Flash · Angel Wings Tattoos · Archangel Tattoos · Baby Angel Tattoos · Fallen Angel Tattoos · Girl Angel Tattoos · Guardian Angel Tattoos · Simple Angel Tattoos · Tribal Angel Tattoos
Animal Tattoo Styles
Bird Tattoo · Cat Tattoos · Dragonfly Tattoos · Eagle Tattoos · Fish Tattoos · Fox Tattoos · Koi Tattoos · Lion Tattoos · Scorpion Tattoos · Tiger Tattoos · Wolf Tattoos.
Art Tattoo Styles
Body Painting Tattoo Styles
Butterfly Tattoo Styles
Celestial Tattoo Styles
Moon Tattoos · Sun Tattoos
Celtic Tattoo Styles
Character Tattoos · Betty Boop Tattoos · Cartoon Character Tattoos · Devil Tattoos · Fairy Tattoos · Gladiator Tattoos · Poseidon Tattoos · Valkyrie Tattoos
Cross Tattoo Styles
Celtic Cross Tattoos
Cultural Tattoo Styles
Aztec Tattoos · Chicano Tattoos · Chinese Tattoos · Hawaiian Tattoos · Maori Tattoos · Polynesian Tattoos · Roman Tattoos·
Dragon Tattoo Styles
Japanese Dragon Tattoos
Family Tattoo Styles
Baby Tattoos · Sister Tattoos
Feminine Tattoo Styles
Female Tattoos · Girls Arm Tattoos · Girls With Tattoos· Girls' Back Tattoos · Tattoos For Girls · Tattoos For Women · Women Tattoos
Flower Tattoo Styles
Rose Tattoos
Girl Tattoo Styles
Pin-Up Girl Tattoos
Girly Tattoo Styles
Heart Tattoo Styles
Japanese Tattoo Styles
Japanese Flower Tattoos · Japanese Koi Fish Tattoos · Japanese Sleeve Tattoos
Plant Tattoo Styles
Tree Tattoos
Religious Tattoo Styles
Star Tattoo Styles
Girly Star Tattoos · Star Foot Tattoos
Symbolic Tattoo Styles
Tattoo Art · Biomechanical Tattoo Art · Japanese Tattoo Art· Psychedelic Tattoo Art
Tattoo Body Art Styles
Tattoo Drawings · Tattoo Sketches
Tattoo Artist Styles
Tattoo Design Styles
Cross Tattoo Designs · Design Your Own Tattoo· Dragon Tattoo Designs · Free Tattoo Designs · Girls Tattoo Designs · Koi Fish Tattoo Designs · Sleeve Tattoo Designs · Star Tattoo Designs · Tattoo Outlines · Tattoo Samples · Tribal Tattoo Designs
Tattoo Flash Styles
Free Tattoo Flash
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Tattoos by Body Area
Ankle Tattoos · Arm Tattoos · Back Tattoos · Body Suit Tattoos · Chest Tattoos · Foot Tattoos · Half Sleeve Tattoos · Hand Tattoos · Hip Tattoos · Leg Tattoos · Lower Back Tattoos · Neck Tattoos · Rib Tattoos · Shoulder Tattoos · Side Tattoos · Sleeve Tattoos · Spine / Spinal Tattoos · Wrist Tattoos
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Temporary Body Art
Henna Tattoos · Temporary Tattoos
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