Tattoo Designs for Women

Thinking of getting a tattoo? Check out these beautiful tattoo designs for women to give an artistic and symbolic meaning to your body or personality.

  1. The Female Sign – This is not only a powerful symbol but also looks cool to have it, as it denotes the planet Venus.
  2. Ambigram - An ambigram is a word that can normally be read forward and backwards.
  3. Butterfly: A symbol of transformation and rebirth, a butterfly tattoo also looks delicate.
  4. Heart : Heart of course means love but there are a lot of variations of this symbol like a heart with wings symbolises freedom or a heart with an arrow is when you’ve had a bad experience in love
  5. Sanskrit – This is an ancient Indian language has gained popularity and words or phrases in Sanskrit are in vogue.
  6. Dragonflies: A dragonfly tattoo symbolises stamina and also looks mystical and magical.
  7. Dolphin: Considered as the king of fish a dolphin tattoo mainly symbolises intelligence and grace.
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  9.  Fantasy: Women love fantasy and it’s no surprise that cherubs, cupid, fairies and angels are always in demand for them. Fairies and angels denote youthful innocence and childlike imagination.
  10.  Flower Power:  Whether it is a rose or carnations, women love flowers for their softness, smell and beauty. Your choice of flower can also be related to your zodiac sign.
  11.  Nautical Stars: Stars are an all time favourite. A single nautical star signifies creating one’s own path and achieving something in life; a design of a series of stars is also in fashion.
  12. Sun: The Sun represents a number of things like light, eternal power and courage.
  13. Om: This small, simple and sacred symbol has a big significance. It signifies the totality of the universe and the reverence of life
  14. Yin-Yang: The Yin-Yang symbol is quite famous and represents that everything has an opposite, and still, intertwined with each other.

 Other all time favourite tattoo designs are an anchor, swallow, cherries, harp, ladybug and so on.

No matter which one you choose, it is wise to carefully select a suitable design as it is likely to remain on you for the rest of your life.