Tattoo Designs for Men

Whether you are a soldier, prisoner, rock star, sportsman, professional or a businessman, men and tattoos have had a strong association over centuries. One of the main reasons why men get a tattoo is to make macho style statement. Though, do remember that when it comes to tattoos bigger is not necessarily better, so choose a tattoo design which suits your personality, built and your profession.

Here are some Designs Especially for Men to Choose From.    

  1. The Lion or Tiger – “The King of the Jungle” has been a symbol for power in Eastern and Western cultures as well as a symbol of royalty. The Lion or Leo is also a Zodiac sign. A Tiger Tattoo too symbolises ferocity and passion.
  2. Dragon – As one of the most popular mythological creatures especially in Japanese and Chinese cultures, the dragon tattoo symbolises warlike qualities. They look aggressive, powerful and fearsome.
  3. Tribal: Tribal designs like Maori, Haida and Polynesian are some of the most sought after tattoos as they reflect the inner warrior. Distinguishing the boys from the men, these tattoo designs come in a wide range and have a deeper significance like a design for marriage or for magical reasons.
  4. Skull: This design can serve a number of symbolic purposes like depicting danger, overcoming an ordeal or strength.

    Tattoo Designs for Men

  5. Celtic Cross – This is the symbol of faith and looks aesthetically beautiful too. Other Celtic knot designs are also quite popular.
  6. Wings: Wings denote speed, aspiring to take flight or generally being free. 
  7. Eagle: This tattoo is a symbol of free spirit, power and masculinity which is quite in demand especially by men.
  8. Warrior: Whether it is in the form of a Japanese Samurai, an Aztec warrior or a Viking these tattoos are a symbol of fearlessness, strength and protection. Other designs in this category include swords and shields.
  9. Swallow: This little bird has a number of meanings. It defines health, wealth and loyalty. It also is a symbol of long distance travel.
  10.  Archangel Michael: is the warrior angel which signifies the triumph of good over evil.
  11. Cultural Calligraphy: One can get words or phrases from various languages like Chinese, Sanskrit or Arabic which look artistic and literally say something.

Other popular tattoo designs include Koi fish, nautical star, phoenix, Ankh, guns, scorpion, pin-up girl or name of your child.

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