Sweet Sixteen Dresses

A sweet sixteen party is a special event in a young girl’s life. If you are planning of your special birthday party, then you will wish to ensure you find the perfect dress also. There are myriads of options for sweet sixteen dresses, and you will want to select the one that is perfect for you.
Here are some of the steps that will guide you to choose the perfect sweet sixteen dress for your party.

Take the Measurements

The first thing you'll need to consider is before ordering the ice sculptures, white tigers, and chandeliers, find a stunning dress for yourself. Hopefully you have already taken your measurements, now it is the time to find the right fabulous dress that works.

Start Very Early

You must begin hunting for your dress early. Start looking for dresses a couple of months in advance. You may have to face trouble finding the right one, or even after getting the right one for you, it may need alterations. Leave yourself sufficient room so that you will not feel puzzled.

Visit Shops for Inspiration

Get the inspiration. Visit plenty of shops and look at magazines too. You may come across the perfect sweet sixteen dress right away. Either way, you will be exposed to plenty of options to choose from.

Sweet 16 Dresses

Know Your Party Plans

Before you begin seriously shopping, make it clear that you are aware of the tone and theme of your planned party. If the occasion is to be formal and extravagant, you will want to choose the dress suiting the occasion, maybe like an evening dress or a ball gown. If you have selected a party theme of event like an eighties party, you may have to think and shop outside the box and even try to find the dress at some vintage or thrift store.

Set a Budget and Don’t Overdo

Plan a budget and stick to it. Once you begin with the dress hunting, it becomes very easy to get distracted by a dress which you cannot afford. To avoid this happen, go ahead and plan what your budget will be, and only shop for dresses that fall below your budget.

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Think of the Right Color

Get the right color. If you are thinking of a formal sweet sixteen party, it may be wise to have a traditional pastel or white colored sweet sixteen dress. However, if you want to do something unique, then think of shades that complement your hair, eyes and skin the best.

Plan the Type of Dressing

Your Sweet Sixteen is an occasion that only comes once in a lifetime. You must make sure that each detail is specific, and select just the perfect sweet sixteen dress for the occasion.


One good idea that may look great is to consider dressing up as Maleficent, the villainous character from the famous fairytale Sleeping Beauty. A black velvet gown with a silver touch on the silver panel, sheer sleeve drapes, along with veil and a crown headpiece is a great dark look that will certainly make turn heads.

Poodle Babe

Another advice would be to travel back to your mom and dad’s time (they will appreciate and enjoy this) and dress up as a poodle babe. This is quite simple, as, a one piece black or red dress or any other shade of your choice that drops down to your ankles, with a sequin belt and a poodle appliqué will complete the look. You can also add to the costume some decent dancing shoes and now you are ready to hit the dance floor.

Moll Gangster

If you are planning to be a little destructive, wearing a dress like a moll gangster will offer you that rebellious look you are looking for. A pinstriped jacket, trousers and black tie is what all you require. Get a hat, some matching accessories (if you want to add them) and a fake Tommy gun and you are ready to reflect that impression.

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Bat Girl

If the gangster look is not your cup of tea, think of getting 'batty' on this occasion and go as the Bat Girl! A mini-dress with a yellow bat logo, an eye mask, gloves, attached black cape, orange vinyl belt and black knee high boots will make you ready to fly through the city of Gotham to save all the citizens from that pesky joker.

Atlantis Queen

An Atlantis Queen is also one more great and unique fantasy dress option which is worth considering. Dress up like the Queen of the Seas while putting on a gorgeous silk gown with gold accents and great cut-away sleeves. You can also add to it a headband and now you will be appearing most stunning. This certainly work wonders as your sweet sixteen dress.

Hopefully these sweet sixteen dress tips will assist you in your search for the perfect costume for this event. Once you realize what works best for you, it’s time to put on your number, reach the party and enjoy being the centre of attraction and newly sixteen!