Supermarkets are a kind of departmental stores which has a wider selection of food and household products and it is smaller than hypermarkets. The products available in these markets are generally medicines, clothes, diary products, and pharmacy products.

The first supermarket was opened by Michael J. Cullen in 1937 in New York. The main motto of these markets is to avail all the products to the customers at low prices under one roof.

These stores also provide the large facility of shopping hours by opening the store late in the evening. With the help of trolleys the customer can easily do the whole shopping and pay at last.

Many supermarkets have member cards which help in getting discount on whole shopping. Nowadays, there are different types of supermarkets. Let us discuss in detail

Different Types of Supermarkets:

Pet supermarkets: Pet supermarkets are those where you can get all types of pets as well as their food of different brands. As pets needs good care and healthy diet for their growing bones, the products rich in proteins and calcium are available in these supermarkets. Moreover shampoos and conditioners are also available at these markets.

At these stores many kinds of pets are available like fishes, puppies, birds, kittens and reptiles. The staff at these stores helps in choosing the filtration system for your aquarium which removes toxins and keeps the water clean.

They also provide the knowledge about the placing of aquarium and about water temperature. The test kits and water conditioners available in these stores helps in adjusting the water quality. Many decorative products like plants, rocks, tank ornaments and backgrounds are available to create a nice look of the aquarium.

In these stores, different types of cages are available for birds so that they can easily stretch their wings. Also toys like ladders, bells and mirrors are available for birds as they love toys. Beak conditioners which are used for birds are also available.

So nowadays it is more convenient to choose a pet as well as their food products under one roof

Giant supermarkets: Giant supermarket is a major supermarket in Malaysia, Indonesia, and Singapore with the principles of selling the food products at low prices on self service basis. From home you can also order the products from these supermarkets.

These supermarkets sell all the brand named products at low prices which in turn lowers the food bill and the quality of these items has a guarantee otherwise the money will be given back to the customers.

You can also order the desserts, bakery items, and floral arrangements on online and give the preferable time for your delivery at your doorstep.

Kings supermarket: The products available in these markets are fresh seafood like fish, crabs, and bakery products like cheesecakes, muffins, pies and pastries. Varieties of flowers are also available for different occasions like birthday parties, anniversary and weddings.

Ralphs supermarkets: This is the nation's largest grocery retailer which is operated under two dozen banners with the principle of loyalty with the customers. These stores include Disney characters which are best friends of kids and the nutritional food items for the growing child.

Pathmark supermarket:This supermarket was established in 1968 by Herb brody, Milton perlmutter, and Alex aidekman. It is the supermarket which is operated 24 hours a day and utilizes scanning registers at the check-out. In these stores traditional grocery and small appliances are available.

Safeway supermarket: In 1915, M.B.Skaggs established this store with the motto of assuring the freshness and nutritional labeling of the products to the customers. Today these stores are 1775 in number across U.S. and Canada. The success of these stores is that they only include brand named items and under the safeway SELECT label 1250 products are marketed.

Safeway supermarkets are the only one which donates a huge amount of money to hunger relief organizations, schools and other educational programs, victims of disastrous tsunami, and disabled. These stores regenerate tons of material per year due to which they are the largest buyers of renewable energy.

Superfresh supermarkets: Superfreshstore is firstly opened in Philadelphia in 1982 and nowadays there are 76 branches of these stores. This store basically sells grocery. As the name states, it only offers the fresh food items and the service of these stores is friendly so that people can easily shop, work, and invest. You get the quality of the items from baked cookies to orange juices they serve at low prices which in turn help in managing family budget.

Health pride items are also available in these supermarkets which provide the best value in health care and these products are of good quality with assured guarantee