Summer Wedding Ideas

Marriages are no doubt made in heaven, but celebrated on earth. The ideal season for weddings is without doubt summer. The interval from May to August is a time of sunshine and bright days, an ideal time to begin a new life. The season of summer lends itself to much gaiety and festivities, warmth and bonhomie and provides umpteen opportunities for the couple to plan a memorable wedding.

Summer Wedding Ideas

Summer is the ideal season to move outdoors and allow nature to take an elegant hand in the wedding celebrations. Before you think of a venue to get married think different because of the weather, say a beautiful garden, an unspoilt beach with the waves providing an impromptu surf orchestra or a plant filled yard. If permission is available a botanical garden would be ideal, the numerous varieties of plants and greenery providing an eco-friendly look. Provision of a marquee is essential. Cover the strewn tables in vivid yellow cloth with a ferns as a centerpiece or you can go natural and have cool watermelons and assorted fruits arranged as a centerpiece.

Another advantage of summer is the time, say a late afternoon wedding with celebrations going in to the evening, or say ‘I do’ before a heavenly sunset or a star filled balmy night.

Some points to keep in mind is that afternoons tend to get hot, so provide shade in the form of tents with huge fans or portable air-conditioning. A cute idea would be to have on hand ice-cold small hand towels for the guests. Make adequate provisions of cold water and beverages.

Early evening celebrations are cooler but bugs and insects will gatecrash the ceremonies. So it is a good idea to have the venue fumigated before. String rows of lanterns on trees and plants for that romantic lighting. Use fresh fruits and flowers to decorate, abundant greenery and decorations that match nature.

Summer Wedding Food

Before food, come drinks to slake thirst and get the party going. Serve up a selection of light alcoholic drinks combined with lemonades and sodas. Some fresh ideas are hibiscus iced tea with raspberry liqueur and vodka, and spiced cucumber-mint lemonade. Shrimp cocktails are another refreshing option.  

Food should be kept light, seasonal and not too heavy. Barbequed meat, grilled entrees, fresh sea-food, local fresh produce in tantalizing salads, and for desserts choose sorbets, fruit pies, tarts or frozen cocktails. Ice-cream in all its heavenly flavors is an eternal favorite. Wine smoothies are another indispensable irresistible combination of a fruity wine with ice and seasonal fruits. Smoothies are an excellent alternative to hard alcohol plus being cold and frosty.

The wedding cake needs to be light and soft, topped with cream and fruits. A cold cake would be best, with ice cream, sorbets and gelato to keep company. Incorporate seasonal fruits and berries and an exotic raspberry filling to the cake or a chocolate cake with cherry ganache.

Summer Wedding Flowers

A riotous collection of flowers is the highpoint of a summer wedding. The varieties in bloom this season will spoil you for choice. Take your heart’s fill of roses, sunflowers, colorful dahlias, gerber daisies, zinnias and the exquisite orchids. Alternatively simply fill the venue with white and pink roses for a simple elegant look.

Summer Wedding Attire

Clothes need to be chosen with care during summer, heavy organdies, crepe and traditional heavy gowns are a no-no. Go in for light silk, linen, chiffon, sheer cotton blends and georgettes. Strapless and sleeveless gowns are perfect, or a sheath for the dance.

A garden wedding can have all bridesmaids’ in short colorful dresses with straw hats and the men can sport linen suits with open toed shoes.

Clothes need to be light and elegant, there is no need to over dress during a summer wedding and heavy jewelry is also taboo. Keep all dressing elegant and indulge in colors that best reflect the season, like pinks, ivory, yellow, shades of green and pastels. A string of pearls combined with pearl drops or filigreed silver jewelry are ideal for a summer wedding. Keep gold to a minimum and indulge only in a hint of diamonds. The best adornment for summer is to go natural, a bloom in your hair or a laurel of white roses are adequate.

Summer Wedding Favors

Wedding favors acquire their own identity during summer, keeping in mind the season consider hand-held fans, shell crusted photo frames, or small bottles of sun-screen. Small bottles of colorful glass pebbles, monogrammed hand towels or even plants, make for delightful favors. Seeds in small canvas totes, small flower pots, paper parasols are exquisite favors.

Couples who decide to marry in the summer are blessed with good weather, taking advantage of the warmth and sunshine to enhance the wedding celebrations. One consideration to keep in mind is to decide dates long before people plan for their vacations. Once these minor points are cleared you can have a day of enjoyment and fun with even Mother Nature taking a joyous hand in the event.