Summer Wedding Color Trends

Weddings is an occasion for everyone to indulge in celebration, to enjoy the romance and love of the bridal couple.  Plus it is also an occasion to put let your creative urges flow, to plan your wedding celebrations such that they are remembered for a long time to come. 
Wedding decoration derive a lot from the season during which the wedding is held.  Summer is for bright colors that complement the sunshine and warmth of the season.  Winter weddings lend themselves to rich colors. 

Summer Wedding Color

Summer is the season of brightness, clear skies and sunshine, a season that celebrates life after the cold winter.  Summer colors are generally bright greens, shades of yellows, orange and pinks, colors that reflect the foliage and flowers in bloom.  Let pastel shades form the background of the wedding decorations and complement with a bold and bright color as the main color for the wedding.  For eg accents of white and grass green combined with navy blue gives your wedding a classic look.  Teal combined with silver and ivory is another refreshing color combination.  The brightness of sunshine reflects in shades of yellow and orange, combined with bright green and even gold.  Combine a metallic accent like platinum with ivory or silver to make your wedding colors classic and elegant.

Let us explore some unusual and perfect summer color options for your wedding.

Summer Wedding Pink and Red Color

Pink is an eternal favorite and shades of pink range from the subtlest of pinks to neon.  When pink combines with red you have a stunning wedding color palette.  The bride’s gown can be in pastel pink with a sprig of roses, and the bridesmaid can have gowns in a shade of pink lighter than the bride’s.   Choose and arrange red and pink roses for the bouquet and floral decorations. Table covers can be pink with red centerpieces topped with white roses.  Let the wedding cake be in pristine white with an abundance of miniature red roses as decoration.

Summer Wedding Blue and Brown Color

Care needs to be taken to combine these colors; a dirty shade of brown will ruin the look. Blue will be powder blue or aqua blue or turquoise and brown will be a chocolate satiny color or a metallic shade of brown.  Mix and match blue and brown till you get a fascinating color combination.  Rest assured this is a truly unique combination which you will rarely come across.  The bride’s gown can be in turquoise with a broad brown belt with a bow at the back.  The bridesmaid gowns can be in aqua blue with brown detailing.  The groom’s suit is in brown with a turquoise cummerbund.  The rest of the decorations can be worked around this color scheme.  Flowers would be white lilies or roses.

Summer Wedding Purple Color

Purple is not for the faint hearted, but shades of purple from the royal purple to lavender work wonderfully for a summer wedding.  Purple pairs well with pink satin, white and silver to give a truly classic color combination.  Choose one of these combinations as your wedding color.

Summer Wedding Yellow and Pastel Green Color

This color scheme gets the summer indoors.  A gown in a pale shade of yellow with a trimming of red roses, the reception hall decorated in shades of green foliage with an abundance of seasonal flowers, table covers in golden yellow with red centerpieces.  You can mix and match this color to make it your successful wedding theme.

Summer Wedding Blush and Mauve Color

This is another unusual color combination and if used well gives your wedding a truly classic feel.

Summer Wedding Navy and Fuschia Color

Both are strong colors and need to be combined sensibly. 

Summer Wedding Lemon green and Celadon Color

No other color scheme is reminiscent of summer as this.  Use it for decorations, favors, invitations and wherever your imagination permits.

Turquoise blue with beige, purple with yellow, navy blue with silver, gold with lavender with a dash of magenta, pink and grey the list is endless.  Use your imagination and help from friends and color forums to decide the best color combination for your wedding. 

Some colors to avoid during summer are black, deep reds, pure white and dark shades which take away from the brightness of a summer wedding.  Colors need to enhance the wedding celebrations as well as complement Mother Nature.  Colors that flow from nature and its mood at that particular instance of time, into thereception hall create the perfect setting for a marvelous wedding.