Summer Party Vacations

What is your child doing this summer??? Getting bored sitting alone in the house or are they glued to the computer and the videogames all the time? Well you can make their summer holidays a great hit if you wish by organizing some fun games and summer party for them to enjoy outside. Let them get out in the sun and enjoy the way you used to enjoy the summer vacation when you were of their age; with lots of games and running around. You can also organize a family reunion party or a family picnic party to let your children enjoy a day during their vacation with their cousins and other family members.

Planning the Party

The vacation party are for children so your planning should begin with the guest list including your son's and daughter's friends and their cousins, who may also be getting bored at home.

You can consult with their parents to decide when you will be holding the party as talking with their parents can help you to know the time when most of the kids will be available and you can also decide the menu of the party by knowing if any of the little one is allergic to any food or chemicals like the face paint or color pencil you may be thinking about including at your party. You can also have a little helping hand from some of the mommies and daddies who might be free on the day.

If you want to entertain your child around the summer, the willing parents can take turn and hoist a party at their home. But take care to give a break of at least a week between each party and try to change the summer vacation party theme, if one is water party, let the next be summer dress up party and the next summer games party and so on.

Deciding on the Theme

Deciding a theme for the summer party you will be hoisting this summer. The theme should be selected such that the children enjoy the most from it. Some theme which might seem perfect for the grown up can be really boring for the children, so do remember that you are trying to make their vacation more fun filled and enjoyable so the theme should also be something which the children may like. Don’t be doubtful to go straight to your child and ask him/ her which theme they would prefer the most out of the few you have selected depending on the cost and easiness to set up. The best party doesn't always be too expensive; sometimes the children can get really happy with just a large pool to play in, more than the game party where you include the most sophisticated and latest games. If you are also inviting the parents, you can make a few arrangements so that the grownups also enjoy the whole party by participating in it.

The Entertainments

Children's party should always have some factor to entertain the little guest and make them laugh their heart out. There are lot possible ways you can try to entertain the kids at the summer party besides including fun games like sack racing, hoopla throws, tug of war, water relay etc. some ideas you can try out are

A magical Day: You can try to book a local magician to do acts for the little guest and to teach them a simple trick or two which they can show off to their friends at school after the summer vacation is over.

Hand Painting Party: Plan a hand printing opportunity for them, arrange for a real large canvas, it can be a large wooden board pasted with drawing paper or any other large area where your kids can do their art work. Provide them with a paint to start their painting. do remember to inform the parents beforehand that the child might turn up dirty and in a different color so that they wont complaint to you about their childs best dress being spoiled.

Treasure Hunt: this can be a lot of fun for the children and you ought to work hard and have a really big party area to make the treasure hunt moiré interesting. Hide small gifts at different places and give each child a map to work on to find the gift for him, you can provide different map for each one so that every child gets a gift at last. To make it more interesting, you can hide clues and cross sign for them to find each which takes them a bit closer to their treasure. The first few child to find their gifts can be given the map to the ultimate treasure which is hidden at some other secret place. 

Food and Drink

The food and drinks to be served during the vacation summer party should be the children's favorite types like ice creams, lemonades, juices, cakes, fruits and lot more. Always take care to have a lot of water, and juice at hand as the tired little beings are sure to get thirsty every now and then o a hot sunny day.