Summer Party Themes

Is your child getting bored staying home this summer vacation? Would you like to them to soak in some sun and enjoy a smashing day with their little friends, well summer party is the answer. Throw in a summer party for the little one inviting all his friends and give him a treat of his lifetime to make your child love you for the rest of your life. Summer parties with games are the best way to refresh your kids and hey even yourself (who said summer party is just for kids). So go ahead plan one.

Deciding on the Theme for the Party

Before starting to work on the party, you should decide on the theme of the party. There are a whole lot of themes on which you can throw a summer party. Choose some theme that can be easily arranged by you and you find is affordable and can be arranged in your house or some place of preference. Discuss the themes you would like to have with your child and let him also choose the one he thinks his friends will love. It's always better to consult with your child when you are organizing a party for his or her friends as they are the ones who know what the children likes and what they don’t prefer, much more than you would know. Here are some themes you can try out while organizing a summer party.

Water Party

Who would not love to play in water during the hot, hot summer? Well almost all the kids would love it. If you are thinking of a water party, try to book a pool area for it or if you have one at your house, it's well and good. You can also plan a water party at the beach near you but you should be extra careful while organizing a beach party and taking little children to the beach. Don’t plan a beach party without the kid's parents or some extra helping hand, and taking very small kids to the beach is a strict NO. There are a lot of games you can organize on a water party, which are water polo, seeking the coin among the buttons from the bottom of the pool or castle building in case of beach party. You can also include some sea foods and tuna salads in the menu of your beach or water party to fill the hungry stomach and don’t forget to pack in a lot of water and ice for the children as you will never know how much water each exhausted child would need. And most of all remind your little guest to take their swimming trunks and an extra pair of dress while coming for the party.

Summer Game Party

This is lot of fun and the kids would love to enjoy games n the back yard (if you have a reasonably large one). Game party will need a bit more of work on your side as you has to arrange games and get a few people to conduct the games and give away the prizes. The arrangement should b e made such that the different games are spaced such that the party doesn't become too congested. Plan games like hoopla throw, treasure hunt, some brain games like Sudoku or puzzles, tug of war, water relay and a lot of other exciting games. You can include food parlors providing ice creams, ice and cotton candies.  

Pirate Party

This can be a whole lot of fun and activity for the kids. You can plan the dress code and let your little friends come dressed up as pirates and if it is a too hot summer, don’t stress too much on the dress code and let the children wear some loose fitting cotton dress, but you can decide on the color of the dress and can also include a face mask or black eye cover to give them the pirate look. Plan games like looting the treasure, treasure hunt and give them the treasure map and some written clues to work on. You can also arrange your party area like a pirate hide out or cave and paint small cardboard boxes to look like treasure chest and fill it with golden paper wrapped blocks for the looted gold look.

Hawaiian Party

Try to organize a Hawaiian party by bringing the feel of Hawaii into your backyard. You can get some lighted palm trees and hammocks at the decoration store to get a real Hawaiian look. You can use hibiscus printed table cloths and set the serving table with flowers. Hand out some simple, colorful flower garland to each of your guest and set the dress code as colorful printed Hawaii shirts and skirts. You can play Hawaiian music and let the children enjoy dancing to it. Serve tropical fruit dishes and roasted meat and tasty fruit cocktails for the guest. To make the party more interesting for the children try to include  some games like making the garland , and finger painting.