Summer Party Planning

Summer party are the most exciting and breath taking ones and will leave everyone feeling exhausted and at the same time feeling complete and happy. Organizing a party is always fun, especially the little parts like the decorations, gift selection and the invitation part. Taking care of these very small and minute details will help to make the party really great and memorable.

What is your Theme?

The summer party can be arranged on a number of themes like water party, beach party, flower party, pirate party and a lot more. Adding a theme to the party and working the food, decoration, invitation and the games on the theme can always be interesting. Choose the theme for your party and start working on it.

Party Invitation

The first thing in any party is to prepare the guest list and invite them to the party. A personalized invitation can always be much better than posting a formal invitation card. So try to meet and invite the guests personally. You can also buy or hand paint some invitation cards based on the theme of your party and also include a written invitation in it informing about the venue, and date of the party, dress code and the time. Try to include a simple dress code as no one would prefer to sweat themselves out on a hot day being dressed up in some elaborate clothes.   

What to Get

The summer parties are to enjoy the sun and soak in the fragrance of the crisp air and happiness of the sunny day. So nothing other than an outdoor party can give you the complete fun. So the settings and the things you should get to set up an outdoor party are very much different from what you should be getting for the indoor parties. The decoration, the seating and the food set up should go on with the outdoor area and the activities included in the party. Don’t forget to get some citronella candles while you are shopping so as to protect your guest from mosquitoes and garden pests and also remember to grab in a few music CD's to play on the party.

Seating Arrangement and Tables

The party should have some seating arrangements made to make your guest more comfortable. Arrange a few chairs in the lawn or party area or arrange a large mat or an old carpet on the lawn to make a seating and add a few soft cushions to make it more comfortable. The tables set for the food and drinks should also have a touch of the summer. Try to include a few of the summer flowers you get in your neighborhood, some fresh daisies or any other flower would do, and set it in a beautiful glass vase. Take care to have a pretty table cloth with designs on it related to the party theme.


How interesting the games you have planned may be, the people would prefer to get out of the sun and rest a few moments. You can arrange some seating and some refreshment inside the tent if you can as it can really refresh your guests. You can also decorate the tent with flowers, colorful papers and to make it more attractive.


Arrange small candles, electrical lightings and lanterns to give you light when the sun goes down. You can also organize a campfire at the end of the day to give a great end to the party. But take care of the children when you are lighting the campfire and also take care to keep them away from the candles and lanterns. Even though these are good and makes the party a hit, it's better to avoid these if you are organizing the summer party for very little kids as fire and candles are not too safe for them.

Ice, Ice Creams and Food

Food on the summer party should always be refreshing and should have a lot of water in it. Serve ice, ice creams, cakes and lemonade and some fruits for your guest. Take care to have a lot of ice at hand as you can never imagine how fast it will run off on a hot summer day. Also include some good main dishes for the party; you can try to organize a barbecue if you can. But the thing in the summer party is that too many food items are not advisable, rather plan a few tasty and refreshing ones and concentrate more on drinks, ice creams and punches.

The Gifts

Buy some good gifts that will go with the theme of the party, if it’s a beach party the gifts can be bottled shells, shell necklace, or toy spades to built sand castle. Wrap the gifts in beautiful and colorful papers and as you can get all sorts of gift wrappers in the market, you won't find it difficult to find the one suited to the theme of the day. Try to buy the gift at least a few days before the party and pack them before hand.