Summer Party 2016

Summer is the time when most of the kids are at home all the time. So it is also one of the best times to organize family party or any other party where you can also take your kids to enjoy. Summer are the best time to hold garden parties and barbecue parties as the climate is good and happy and you can also enjoy the day with the sniff of the fresh crisp air and sweet smelling blossoms.

Where and When to Plan a Summer Party this Season

You can arrange for a summer party at your backyard, at a park, a beach or at any other place where you can have the sun and the fresh smelling air shouting "its Summer time". Try to decide on a place where everyone who is getting together at the party can enjoy themselves. Beaches or pools are the best place for summer party as any person would love to play in cool water on a hot and sunny day. And any sunny day when you can gather the most of guest can be opted for the summer party. It is better to fix the party in the weekend as most of the offices will be off on these days so your guest would find it easy to attend the party, or else you can choose some other holiday which falls during the summer to throw the party as most of the people will be free and in a mood for a party on the day.

The Invitation

Preparing the list of the guest is the most simple and at the same time, one of the most important thing to do. Write down the people you wish to invite for the summer party, if you are planning a family party invite everyone from the family and try to have a control over the the list of families you invite as each family can have a number of individual guest coming with it, but if you are hoisting a kitty party or kid's party you can get the exact number of guest you will be having at the party. Invite the guest at least a week before the party so that they can plan their day accordable to accommodate time for the party. Prepare the list of guest depending on the budget and the party area as you would never want a congested party.


Every party can be made more inviting and exciting using beautiful and colorful decorations. You can use the fresh summer flowers available at your garden like the daisies to decorate your party area. Besides flowers you can also use balloons, colored papers and paper lanterns for decoration. If you are hoisting a themed party, get something related to the theme that can be used to decorate the place, for example use shells in case of beach party and black flags, cross bones and small treasure chest in case of pirate party and palm models in case of Hawaiian summer party.

Dress Code

Set a theme for the party and decide the dress code depending on the theme. Take care to give a rather simple and cool dress code so that your guest does not sweat out themselves at the party. You can set the dress code as beach printed outfit, or set a particular pastel color as the party code. Never set formal suit or dark colors as the dress code as they are a strict no during any function in the summer.

What to Serve

Summer barbecue party can be arranged at your house where you can serve different types of barbecue meat, soft and tender, dripping with the barbecue sauce. Just the spicy barbecue meat won't do for the summer party as the food should also include something to cool your body. Try serving fruit salad with custard or ice cream topping and freshly prepared vegetable salad with a lot of watery veggies like cucumber and tomatoes. Pop corns are always a good idea for the parties, but it is not a great idea on a hot summer day. And something you should never forget to serve is the ice creams, and refreshing and cooling drinks like mint flavored lemonade, ginger ale or watermelon punch. The thing you should take care the most is to have loads and loads of ice and cold water stores at your refrigerator.

Entertainment and Gifts

Party is a time to enjoy so you should always be careful to include some sort of entertainment for your guests. The entertainment should be decided depending on the age group of the guest and the party theme. You can include carnival games like dart throwing, hoopla throws etc or water games like water polo or searching for the coin in the pool. Besides games other entertainments can also be arranged like magic show, hand painting, treasure hunt, sand castle building contest etc. You can even put on some good and fast music and sing and dance with it. If you are organizing any games don’t forget to get some gifts to give at the end. and also take care to arrange for a little take home party gift to every one of your guests.