Summer Party Games

Summer time as always, is the time to enjoy and have fun. Remember the good old summer holidays you used to enjoy as a kid, playing every other sort of games with your little neighbors and friends. Well who can forget those sweet and exhausting summer holidays when you go to bed being tired but with a big smile on your face and you jump out of it again in the morning with a twinkle of happiness and hope.

Do your kids enjoy the same sort of summer that you had in your days? Are they always 'enjoying' the summer in the couch watching the television or playing their all time favorite video game? Then it is high time you plan a small summer party for your kids including a number of games to get them refreshed, and get going. Let them enjoy some of the games you enjoyed as a kid as summer is the best time to be outside in the sun and enjoy the weather rather than sitting in the house locked out of the fun from the surroundings.

There are a lot of games you can plan on a summer party at your backyard or at a beach or any other place you feel convenient and exciting; organizing an indoor party is not for summer because, summer is the time to let your child enjoy the sun and the sunny days with their friends and have a lot of excitement, chilled drinks and of course smashing games. Here are some games which are easy to organize and best to enjoy on a sunny day.

Water Relay

This is one o the best games to enjoy on a hot summer day.  To play this game, organize the children into groups of four or five. Keep a few big plastic jug (number of jug should be equal to the number of teams), preferably transparent at the start point of the game and equal number of  bucket filled with colored water at the other end which is about 50 meters away from the start point. To start playing the game arrange each group of players at the start point near their jug and hand out the first set of players with a large sponge. Let the players run to the opposite end and soak water in their sponge, run back and squeeze it off to the jug and hand it over to the next player. Continue the game till the last player squeezes off the water into the jug and the team which fills in the most amount of water within the given time wins the game.

Basket Shoot

This throw game can be fun for children and even grownups. Fix a hoop at a height which cannot be reached by hand by the little participants but can be easily thrown into; that is not too high and not too low. Let each player take turn and  try to shoot the basket ball through the hoop and whoever does it the first time qualifies themselves for the second round. Continue the game with the qualified players and play until just one person, the winner is left.

Tug of War

This one is a group play which requires strength and group spirit. To start the game, the two teams of equal numbers are chosen and arranged at the opposite side of a strong and long rope facing each other. When the game starts, the teams should pull the rope towards themselves with all their might, and whoever pulls the rope and the other team towards themselves is the winners.

Sack Race

This is also a fun game that leaves your little guest panting and laughing. The first thing to do is to try and get some correct sized sacks for this race. Collect as many as six to eight equal sized sacks.

Help your players get into the sack each, and ask them to hold the sack with their hand and let them arrange themselves at the start point of the game. With the beginning of the race, the little ones should try to race or hop towards the finish point which is set at a distance of around 50 of 75 meters from the start point depending on the age of the players. Try to set the finish line a bit closer if the players are too young, you would never want to tire your little players hopping with their legs in the sack. The one who hops to the finish point first and reaches it without falling down, becomes the winner.

Treasure Hunt

Try to include treasure hunt in the summer game party and this should be planned near the end of the party. Hide in a box filled with treasure, which can be the prize for the winner or a packet of sweets or anything and readout clues for your players about where the next clue will be. The person who finds the next clue gets a small prize and the game continues till the clue for the treasure is read out. The person finding the treasure wins the game. Take care to increase the difficulty level and the prize of the game with each step. And hurray, the person finding the treasure wins