Summer Party Dresses

What to wear on the day? Is always a big question that shoots up in the mind just after you are invited for any party. Well, as always everyone would prefer to look at their best and at the same time have a look that blends into the mood of the party. The mood, the time and the theme of the party should always be considered when you dress up for it. And you should feel at ease and be comfortable in your outfit while enjoying the party.

In case of a summer party, sophisticated, thick, dark and elegant gowns are not preferred as you will be sweating yourself out in these costumes at the function. so it is better to try out a rather cool and cottony dress or loose and short ones that fits the mood of summer. Comfortable, soft fabric and brightly printed dresses are the most preferred ones for the summer parties

Dressing up for Summer Party

Both men and women should try to dress appropriately for the summer party that is around the corner. Light fabric, bold prints and bright colors can be tried by both men and women to enjoy the sun at the party. There are a number of dresses and colors to choose from and the only thing you should take care is that the dress goes on well with your figure and your personality and most of all you are comfortable in it.

Summer Party Dresses for Girls and Women

Little girls can wear brightly printed cotton frocks or skirts while going for the summer party. They can also go for the knee length jeans and front buttoned loose shirts to keep them cool on these sunny day party. But for formal functions like wedding, the bright printed dress can be replaced with a single colored pleated cotton frock. And if the child is not a frock person, a short jean with some formal short sleeved shirt can do.

The cool, comfortable and loose dress applies to the grown up women also. Summer is the time when you get out of the thick and heavy weight formal party wear and dress in something which is elegant, simple and cool at the same time. For an Informal parties you can choose anything from printed shirt and jeans, long sleeved T-shirt, with the hands pulled back, and sleeveless tops and short skirts. A cotton maxi dress with tie die print can also be best for summer garden party or any outdoor event. And if the party is formal or at night don’t pick up those bright polka printed dress, rather go for a maxi dress with solid colors or a comfortable suit with pastel colors. Low necked and sleeveless gowns of soft colors can also be worn at parties during the summer; but sorry; your favorite black party wear should stay in the closet till the summer gets over.

Summer Party Dresses for Boys and Men

There are also a lot of options for the little boys and men to choose from while getting ready for a summer party. Loose cotton printed shirts in bright colors can be chosen for an informal party but make sure it goes well with your personality. You can also go for T-shirt or short or long sleeved cotton shirt this summer and pull up the sleeves of your shirt to get a informal look.

The thick material pant in which you feel warm and cozy are 'no' for the summer, rather it is better to choose a cotton or linen pant in soft colors. You can also choose the shirts which are light or bright colored but dark green, dark blue and black are not for summer as they will make you feel hotter. If you are for a formal party, suit is the best but try to concentrate on a light colored one to keep off the temperature. A linen shirt can go well with the suit rather than the silk one and if you don’t prefer a tie, you can replace it with a scarf around your neck.

Accessories and Other Things to be at Hand

It's not just the dress you should care about. Summer is the time you keep the accessories to a minimum. A simple chain or a bold bracelet would do for the summer. You can have a nice necklace with your strapless gown, but don’t go for chokers. Sun glasses and straw hats should also be kept at hand so protect you from the hot sun. If the party is at night do take care to pack in your sweaters as the temperature can become really cool on the summer nights

The main thing about dressing to the party in summer is to look at your best and at the same time feel comfortable and airy. Try minimal layers of clothes and the softest possible fabric to enjoy the day, and most of all take care to dress up in the outfit you are most comfortable.