Summer Party Decorations

A summer family party or a summer kid's party is the best thing to plan to enjoy the hot and sunny day with lots of laughter and fun. Have you ever wondered how it would be to go to an undecorated party? Well it will seem very much uninviting and boring. Decorations are the highlights of every party, though they may seem insignificant to many of us.  So the decoration of the summer party or any other party should be taken care of with much attention.

Use your imagination and try out a lot of decorative ideas to make your party filled with life and colors. Try decorating the party area based on the theme of the party. Arrange flowers, lights and seating arrangement to give a spacious, festive and summery feel about the party. It’s the decoration that gives the feel and life to any party so if you are ready to take a bit care on the decoration and arrangements, your party is half success, and the other half lies in how you organize the party and how you well treat your guest.

Where to Organize the Summer Party?

Summer party is to enjoy the sun and the crisp breeze of the sunny day. Indoor parties can be organized for summer, but having an indoor party on summer is not a great idea. Summer party can be organized at your backyard, at a park, beach or anywhere, plan the decoration and arrangement accordingly, depending on the theme of the party and where and when you are giving it.

Seating Arrangement

Try to have a large mat or carpet with beautiful floral prints that you can spread on the ground for your guest to sit. The seating can be made comfortable by including a few cushion or pillows. The designs on the cushions and the colors should be tied to the theme of the party which may be anything like the beach party, Hawaiian party, pirate party or game party.

 Try to create a cave like look with cardboard box and keep inverted wooden boxes decorated as the treasure chest to sit if you are planning a pirate party. If it’s a Hawaiian party try to get some lighted palm tree from the décor and arrange the seating just under these. And you can also try to include one or two net swings to get the Hawaii beach feel.


Flowers are always a sign of party, flower printed table cloths, mats and crockery can be used on summer flower party. Even if the party is not themed flower, they are the most ideal thing that can be used to decorate the party area. Try to use fresh seasonal flowers like daisy that can help to add the mood of summer to the party. It is not necessary that you get the most costly or a particular flower like summer daisies; anything available on your garden picked and set beautifully can do the thing. Try hanging small metal basket with flowers arranged in it everywhere about the place and keep a beautiful arrangement on the centre table, the soft fragrance and the beauty of these freshly picked flowers can give you the feel of summer.


Lights also help to create a mood of party, and also help to continue the party when the sun goes down. Rather than using one or two loud and direct light, it is better to use a number of soft lightings here and there. You can use candles, paper lanterns and votives to create a party atmosphere. Just these won't be enough to provide the needed light, so do use one or two shaded electrical lamp to help you with lighting. You can also use citronella candles provides light and at the same time keeps away mosquitoes and garden pest with its sweet lemony smell.

Balloons and other Decorations

Balloons are also the best thing to use to decorate your party area and as you can get the balloon in any desired colors, you can choose the ones that go with your theme, or dress color code.
You can use the color of the national flag if you are planning a party on the theme patriotism or if it is a beach party, try including different shades of blue and white balloons, you can create a cross bone sign or a pirate cross on the balloon for the pirate party and many other things are also possible with the balloons.

Piñatas and wind chimes can also be used to make the party decoration more attractive. You can fill a number of small or medium sized piñatas with sweets or some goodies and let the guest break these and get the goodies hung high up inside the piñatas; this can also make a great party ending game. And if you are choosing theme like 'beach party', then you can add a bit of sea shells here and there and can use a table mat printed with shells or starfish to get an extra effect.