Summer Home Decorating Ideas

Changing the decor of your home with the seasons is a nice way to keep the home refreshed and beautiful. Summer months spell activity, energy and freshness. Making a few changes around the home will help bring the outdoors in and revitalise the decor.

Change the Mood:

  1. Change the mood of the house to a bright summer hue by making a few small changes in the decor.
  2. Put away anything that spells winter, such as heavy rugs, cosy cushions, thick blankets that may have been comforting in the winter months have to go now.
  3. Roll up heavy carpets and store them, swapping them for natural fibred rugs made of cotton or jute or river grass.
  4. Use bamboo side tables or baskets made of rattan (to store stray shoes, or even electronic devices like remote controls) to spell summer.

Add Colour:

  1. Add colour to the home by changing soft furnishings. A few bright yellow cushions tossed on the sofa, or a white floral table cloth for the dining table will do wonders.
  2. For a beach themed home, use colours such as white and navy and shades of blue.
  3. The colours that spell summer are white, yellow, green and blue, with some pinks and corals thrown in. You can use them amply now.

Change the Texture of the Home

  1. Heavy Curtains and drapes should give way to thin and sheer cotton or organza curtains which bring in the light into the room.
  2. Swap heavy ornate cushion covers for cotton ones, floral designs spell summer like nothing else.
  3. If your sofa is upholstered with heavy ornate material, use slip covers in lighter shades of cotton to give it a new look.
  4. Bright summery prints with leaves, flowers and even animal prints on your sheets brings summer into the bedroom

Bring in the Outdoors

  1. Summer spells activity, bring in the outdoors with a flower arrangement.
  2. Place healthy house plants to add a spot of green
  3. Twigs and branches collected on walks can also be displayed in vases instead of flowers
  4. Bring out your sea shell collection and scatter them around the house
  5. Pour sea shells into transparent jam jars, hurricane lanterns or stack a few hardbound books and place a large clam shell on top of it for an interesting side table display.
  6. Display a collection of hats on a mantle or a console table.
  7. Bring in fresh flowers; even wild flowers will add drama. Instead of a vase, float them in an interesting bowl of water.

Change and Swap Accessories:

  1. Remove anything heavy, ornate and metallic.
  2. Gilt edged candle stands can give way for glass or even shell or terracotta
  3. Place wind chimes in areas that catch the summer breeze to add a lilt to the day
  4. Remove the heavy upholstered chair in favour of a lighter summer themed wicker chair
  5. Add a large sized mirror in place of the art on the wall to bounce off more light into the room.
  6. Slip photos of summer vacations under a sheet of glass to personalise the coffee table

Clean to Remove Clutter

  • Clutters cleaned up can spell summer more than anything else, giving the home more breathing space
  • Clutter free homes appear more open, automatically feeling more bright and ready for summer.
  • Go around the house and remove any articles that will not be needed in the next few months, use storage boxes and label articles neatly so that they can be accessed easily, pack articles safely so that they are not damaged during storage
  • Clean window panes with soap and water to bring in more light into the room.
  • Wash and lauder curtains if you cannot replace them with new ones.
  • Use cane or wicker baskets to clear clutter from surfaces and store everything together