Summer Carnival Salsa Dance

The Summer Carnival Salsadance is a challenge for all the salsa dancers from the Netherlands to hold a world record in dancing. Here everyone is welcome irrespective of the gender, age and region. As of now, there are 451 couples that have been recorded by Venezuela. About more than 500 couples are expected to compete at the Summer Carnival Salsadance for the World Salsa dancing break.

Summer Carnival Salsadance- Events Scheduled

Many couples enroll themselves for the Summer Carnival Salsadance to be held on July 30 from 13:00 onwards at the Theatre Square in Rotterdam. The event will be transformed into “Santa Maria Tex Mex Square”. There’s another surprise by one of the most popular DJs Salsa performing on the Latin beat which will surely brighten your day. The event will continue till 15:00 hours with people partying all through the day and by 15:30 the street parade kick starts.

The program on July 30 is scheduled as follows:-

  • The opening of the Santa Maria Tex Mex Sqiare by popular Salsa DJs at 13:00 am

  • Salsa couples will do the warm-up salsa at 14:00 and at 15:00 the couples will perform for the World record attempt Salsa Dancing.

  • At 15:40 the Street Parade of the Summer Carnival Rotterdam will start along the Santa Maria Tex Mex.

  • Then from 18:15 - 20:00 pm there is no time limit to dance, you can dance till you drop on the Latin beats of DJs Salsa.

Summer Carnival Salsadance- Popular Salsa Couples

Some of the most popular salsa couples are Patrick & Vanessa, Sergio & Daphne, Taiti & Christel and Greg & Helen.

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