Summer Carnival Rotterdam

Summer Carnival Rotterdam is known to be the biggest carnival in Netherlands. About one million visitors visit this place during the year. The Summer Carnival at Rotterdam is very lively with different musical events, colors and sounds of music. During the Street Parade, people play the Caribbean music which will lift you off your feet. The Street Parade closing event has about 23 people from different countries and 2300 dancers.

Street Parade

The Summer Carnival Rotterdam street parade is something to look forward to. The street is filled with dancers and singers all dancing and singing their way through the crowd. The entire street echo’s with the loud sound of music playing from the huge carnival trucks and the brass bands. There is also live music played on Friday and Saturday by Latin DJ’s till late in the evening.

Battle of Drums

The battle of drums takes place on Friday evening as that’s when the ceremony starts. Only the selected brass bands take part in the competition which is named “Battle of Drums”. All these bands tour to different areas in Rotterdam for the show at Coolsingel. The winning band are official named as the Summer Carnival Brass Band and can be a part of the parade on Saturday.

Tropical food and Beverages

Other than the thumping music and dance, the carnival also offers tropical food and beverages from Latin America. Rotterdam being the epicenter, every type of tropical food and beverage stalls can be found here. You don’t have to go to exclusive places to get this ambience and food. You can just indulge in the Summer Carnival at Rotterdam and get a feel of the Caribbean experience.

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