What Are Standard Washing Machine Dimensions

When it comes to buying a washing machine, dimensions of washing machine also needs to be considered. You must look for the standard washing machine dimensions. The choice of washing machine also will depend upon the size of your laundry room. Here is the list of dimensions of the washing machines to solve your query regarding the standard washing machine dimensions.

The selection of washing machine depends upon the size of your family:

Standard Washing Machines Dimensions

These machines can handle up to 12 lbs of laundry. Some models of machines may handle a pound more or less than 12. The width of these machines is around 27 inches. For family of four members, these machines are ideal. A semi automatic machine has two tubs so it is wider in size than a fully automatic machine. A standard washing machine is somewhat 38 to 42 inches high, and around 27 inches depth. Compact units of washing machine run on 110 V while stackable models utilize 220 V. Some of the standard washing machines even come with screws with which you can increase or decrease the height of washing machine.

Large Washing Machines Dimensions

The large machine models can hold up to 16 lbs of clothes at one time. Their height is around 2-3 cubic feet. If you have large family then you can prefer buying this machine.

Small Washing Machines Dimensions

The small machines category models can hold up to 5-8 lbs of laundry. These are 24 inches wide. It is ideal for singles and couples.

Before even deciding which washing machine to buy you must search for simple question as what are standard washing machine dimensions? Your dirty clothes in a week and the dimensions of the space where you are going to assemble your machine affect your choice of buying a washing machine.