Square Face Hairstyles

What Is A Square Face Hairstyles:

Square faces are those which reflect the shape of the face being is as long as it is wide. Gifted with this shape, your main goal would be to add some slenderness and roundness to your “personality." For square hairstyles, short or medium length hair is going to go well, specifically if you are out to wear that round look.

Putting it together the square shaped face has a consolidated, square jaw line and the hairline also in square shape. This face shape is usually harmonious and strong. The objective of your haircut should be to slim down your strong, broad jaw so that it should come softly on your face. Because hair styling technique can be difficult to follow and if it is not your cup of tea, this article will explain it with ample examples of every recommended cut.

General Guidelines for Square Face Hairstyles:

  • If you have a square face shape, the perfect haircut is one that enhances or stimulates the texture.
  • This face shape can wear long or short hairstyles, but hair cuts that give crown height is the best.
  • Irrespective of the length you select, let your stylist work in some wispy bangs. Choppy ends are the easiest way to add to this texture, while curl adds softness to your curvy features.
  • If you have straight hair, a permanent wave can work in generating this softness. Short or long hairstyles, both the hairstyles will offer grace to the square face shape and will be a perfect square hairstyle.

Square Face Short Hairstyles Cuts:

  • If short hair is your favorite, go for a layered bob that grace above or below the jaw line with wave or roundness around the square face shape.
  • Another great selection for the square hairstyle is a spiky, short haircut. 

Square Face Long Hair Styles Cuts:

  • If you are inclined toward long hair, try a long, sleek hairstyle with layers that start at the jaw line and stretch downward.
  • The wispy bangs are bliss to this look, and can be worn in different ways.square Face hairstyles

Sport Styling Square Face Hairstyles:

  • For those who are sports freak, a square hairstyle is the best when the hair has crown height. For short hair, those with a round face can have an easy solution.
  • Using a thin headband push the hair back clearing the face and create volume at the top and sides of the crown. This gives a slender look to the face.
  • To soften your look you can have a few wispy bangs left loose.
  • The square face can flaunt a ponytail so long as the bangs are left loose, and the crown height is maintained.
  • Pull the hair back in segments ceasing each with a rubber band while assembling it to the end of the ponytail above it. Repeat this process until all of your hair comes in the ponytail series. The result is a faux French braid look that takes only a few minutes to acquire.

Use Waves, Curls and Layers for Square Face Hairstyles:

  • Waves, curls and even layers is also something that will definitely offer you a perfect square face hairstyles and give your face a softer look.
  • You may also wish to include styles that add height across the crown as it will give an illusion of your face being much longer. This is going to increase the beauty of your face.

Square Face Hair Cuts to Avoid

  • No matter whatever the length you select, you must avoid long, one-length straight hair, chin length styles and blunt haircuts.
  • Don’t opt for styles requiring a center part which constitutes a harsh dividing line on your face and gives an illusion of a wider face.
  • You should also ignore those conventional flat tops with sharply edged sides.
  • Some celebrities who display square faces include Matt Damon, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Brad Pitt, Charlie Sheen and Leonardo DiCaprio.


  • By adding a couple of layers to build texture, particularly at the crown, and creating majority of the curls and waves just under the jaw line, the square faced person is free to sport any square face hairstyles.
  • Since square face hairstyles undergoes a drastic change very often, one of the simplest methods to keep yourself abreast of the current trend of looks that work well for your face shape is to figure out celebrities who share it, and keep up with the looks they're manifesting.
  • There are some hairstyles that will not look appealing on you if you have a square face. For instance, if you don a hairstyle that is specifically for an oval or round face and if you use it as square hairstyle on you having a square shaped face, then it is going to look weird.
  • Therefore, if you have square face shape, it is necessary that you keep in mind the best square hairstyles for men with square face shapes.

Perfect hairstyles for men with square face shapes are something that go well with their look and should apparently fit in with the entity. If you are not the "kind" of person who should have medium length hair, then you must go for short style. There are several variants of square hairstyles for both short and medium length hair.

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