Spring Party Themes

Spring – just the name brings to mind the vivid visuals of flowers in full bloom, chirping of birds, and people in colorful clothes, gentle breeze, altogether creating a feel-good and happy atmosphere. You can double the happiness and joie de vivre by organizing a spring themed party for your loved ones.

Organizing a spring party on a particular theme is more fun as all your guests will be dressed as per the theme and decoration of the venue will depict the theme.

You can chose a theme of the spring party depending on the various factors like age group of guests, venue of the party and allergies, if any, faced by guests. Age group of the guests – white butterfly themed party and flower spring party theme would be a hit with the kids. Hawaiian spring party or outdoor picnic would be more enjoyed by the adults.

Some of the spring party themes are:

  1. Hawaiian Spring Party theme:  You can organize this party in your lawn itself with the help of some props like palm trees, lamps shells and a small pool. Ask your guests to wear Hawaiian clothes like floral skirts or sarongs for women and floral shorts and shorts for men. You can also make floral necklaces for your guests to match the theme of the party. Menu should also be Hawaiian like chicken and rice, salmon and drinks, coconut water and tropical drinks could be served. Music played in the party should be in Hawaiian spirit.
  2. Outdoor picnic: If you want to enjoy and feel the onset of spring, you can go in for an outdoor picnic for which you should try to scout for a secluded picturesque location. It is best to avoid the usual picnic spots as it will be crowded, giving no room for privacy.  You can pack food like sandwiches and fruits or you can also go for barbeque grills. Take along some games for passing time. If you and your guests love adventures, you can also go for a trek or hiking nearby.
  3. Butterfly party: Butterfly party can also be organized in your lawns or in your house. You can put flowers and butterflies made up of cardboard on the walls. Yu can ask your guests to be dressed up in colorful clothes along with fake butterfly wings. Butterfly themed party would be hit with kids. You can also prepare butterfly shaped sandwiches, cakes and cookies.
  4. Flower spring theme party: For this party, decorate the venue with spring flowers like tulips, daffodils, lilacs or daises. You can make floral necklaces and bracelets for guests. You can hold flower decoration competition too. You can also mix flowers in a huge drum or pool of water and throw your guests to dress up their children as spring flowers and hold a fancy ress competition for the kids.

After you have chosen the theme of the spring party, it is necessary to keep in mind other factors too while organizing a party.

  1. Invitations: You could either buy invitation cards from the market or personally make them at home. If you are organizing a party on flower theme, you can make invitation cards in the shape of the flowers, informing guests about the date, venue and dress code. Similarly, if you are organizing a butterfly themed party, you can send the invitations in the form of butterflies.
  2. Décor: You can decorate the venue of the party with props related to your theme and use spring flowers in abundance.
  3. Games: Organize party games or activities based on the theme to make it more lively and fun.
  4. Food: Finger foods like sandwiches should be preferred for snacks while for main course you can opt for pasta salads, pizzas, coleslaw. For desserts, cakes and cookies can be made in the shape of flowers or butterflies to match the theme

Spring party is the best way to welcome the spring with open arms and enjoy it with your loved ones.