Spring Party Planning

Spring is around the corner and you may want to throw a spring party for your near and dear ones to celebrate the onset of season of positivity and happiness! Spring party planning is essential to make your party a success and talk of the town.
Here are some pointers to keep in mind while planning for spring party:

  1. Budget: Setting a realistic budget is the first and foremost step towards planning for spring party. For setting a realistic budget, it is important to keep in mind the number of guests to be invited, the kind of food to be served, the number of dishes to be served, the venue of the party, invitation cards, and the kind of décor and party favors, if any.
  2. List of guests: make a list of people you would like to invite for the party. You should also take into consideration the different age groups of your guests as it would help you in selecting the theme for your party.
  3. Venue: You should select a venue keeping your budget in mind. If your budget does not allow booking a hall, you can host the party in the lawns of your house or a nearby garden.
  4. Theme of the party: You should choose a spring party theme, keeping in mind the age group of your guests. If your guests are mostly kids, you can opt for Butterfly theme spring party or Flower theme party. If your guests are only adults, you can go in for Hawaiian theme party. Outdoor theme party could be a good option for families.

However, if you budget is limited, you can opt for Tea party or Potluck dinner. Tea party with your circle of friends could be a success even if you should serve tea or lemonade with home baked cake and other home cooked short-eats. Potluck dinner could be an ideal option to cut down on the expenses if you are hosting a party for an intimate group where each guest or family would bring along a dish with them while you prepare the main dish.

  1. Invitation Cards: You can buy ready-made invitation cards from a retail shop, send online invitations or prepare invitations at home with a little creativity. The invitation card should reflect the theme of the party and give details about the venue, time and date, theme and dress code, if any.

If you are hosting a butterfly themed party, you can send the invitations in the shape off butterflies and if you are organizing spring flower themed party, you can paste a spring flower on your invitation card. You should send your invitation cards at least two weeks in advance so that the guests can make appropriate arrangements. If you are holding a potluck dinner, make a mention of it in the invitation card.

  1. Food: You should then decide whether you want to cook the food yourself, avail the services of a food caterer or ask your guests to bring a dish. You should then decide the menu and the number of dishes to be served. It is essential that whatever dishes you choose, they should be light and made of fresh vegetables and fruits. For appetizers, you can choose finger foods like sandwiches, French fries etc while for the main course, you can go in for pasta, pizza etc.
  2. Décor: While planning for the décor, it is advisable that you select a color scheme for the decoration and stick to it. You should choose spring party decoration depending on the spring party theme that you have selected. For a Hawaiian themed party, you can put up artificial palm trees, lamps, flowers and small pool. For a butterfly themed party, you can put up cardboard cut-outs of butterflies on the walls while for spring flower themed party, you can either choose loosely tucked bouquets of spring flowers like daffodils, lilacs or daises or individual stems of tulips for decorating the walls of the venue. You can also decorate the table with fruit baskets or small bouquets of flowers.

You can also use table cloth and napkins with floral prints or match the colors of table cloth and napkins with the color scheme of your decoration.
You can also use balloons, silk flowers, streamers for the decoration. Lights hung on the trees or walls would add a classy touch to the décor.

  1. Games and activities: You should also think of some games or activities to keep your guests occupied. You should make arrangements for games and activities for both kids and adults so that they do not feel left out. For kids, you can go in for Tail the bee on the flower, identify the flower etc. while for adults, you can go in for musical chairs or foot print daisies.
  2. Party favors: if you want to give party favors to your guests, you can choose a bouquet of spring flowers, fruit basket or a sampling of a spring flower.

After taking the above mentioned points into consideration, you should also prepare a list of things to be brought from the market. Buy those things well in advance which would not get spoilt. Things like flowers or bakery items should be purchased either a day before or on the day of the party itself. Keep these things in mind to make your spring party a rocking one