Spring Party Games

Spring Party Games

Flowers in full bloom, chirping birds and gentle cool breeze indicate the onset of spring, which brings along with it a lot of happiness and positivity in the air. Many people celebrate the onset of spring with their loved ones by organizing a spring party. No party is complete without some music, games and activities so how can spring party be an exception.

While organizing or making preparations for Spring Party Games, you should keep in the mind different age groups of your guests. You should plan some games and activities for both kids and adults so that they do not feel left out and can enjoy the party.

Some of the spring party games or activities that can be played are:

  • Pin the bee on the flower: Just like pin the tail on the elephant, a player has to be first blindfolded, then he will be given a pin which he has to stick on the bee made of paper on the flower. Flower can be drawn on a chart paper and a paper bee glued to it. Whoever is able to pin the bee or is closest to the bee is the winner of the game.
  • Identify the birds: This game is for children in the age group of 5 to 8 years. Different birds can be drawn on a chart. All the players will get a sheet of paper in which they have to write the names of birds drawn on the chart. Those players who get all the names correct or most right will be declared the winner of the game. A similar game could be played on different types of flowers in which the players have to identify all the flowers.
  • Footprint Daisies: This could be a perfect party favor for your guests. In this activity, the participant has to use his foot to make a daisy on a sheet of paper. The participant has to put his foot on a plate filled with color and then put his foot impressions on the paper to create petals of daisy. The foot has to be moved in a circular motion to get the daisy effect.
  • Flower Hunt: Just like treasure hunt, hide different spring flowers along with clues for next flower at various places in the venue. The participants would have to guess the clue and take out the flowers from its positions. The participant who gets all the flowers first is the winner of the game.
  • Flower Power: In this game, all the participants should be divided into different teams comprising of two persons each. One participant from a team will pick up a chit from a bowl and open it to see the name of a flower in it. The second person of the same team has to guess the name of flower with the help of different clues given by the first person. All the teams will be given one minute each. The team which identifies the most number of flowers is declared the winner.
  • If the party is outdoors say in a garden, then all the participants can be divided into teams of two persons each. Tie one hand and one leg of both the participants in the team together so that they have one hand and one leg each free. Ask them to bring leaves of as many flowers in two minutes. The team which brings the most number of leaves and is able to recall the name of flowers is declared the winner.
  • Musical Chairs: This game is for the whole families. In this game, the participants have to run around the chairs when the music is on. As soon as the music is stopped, they have to sit on the nearest chair. The number of chairs has to be reduced every time. The participants who are left standing after the music is stopped are declared out of the game. The participant who manages to sit on the last chair left is declared the winner.
  • Paper Dance: This game is for the couples. A big sheet of paper is given to all participating couples and they have to dance on that paper. Once the music stops, the paper has to be folded and the couple has to dance on it. Those couples who step out of the paper are declared out of the game. The paper has to be folded till it becomes very small. The couple who manages to dance on the small piece of paper is declared the winner.

Spring party games are a means to enjoy the party and bring more happiness and joie de vivre to the whole atmosphere.