Spring Flowers

Spring, as it is preceded by autumn, denotes how destruction leads to creation, resurrection and newness. Spring flowers in their full bloom add magic and color to our environment and surroundings, making us happy, peaceful and positive towards life.

Having beautiful fragrances, spring flowers come in either small bulbs or large bulbs like daffodils and Tulips. While small bulbs are ideal for gardens in houses, large bulbs can be found in nurseries and public gardens.


Roses, which are available throughout the year all around the world, probably originated in Northern Persia. Different colors of Rose have different meanings. While red rose denotes love, pink rose symbolizes friendship and white rose indicates purity. Roses have three different categories -- Species Roses, Old Garden Roses and Modern roses.

Also known as Wild Species Roses, Species roses generally have five petals and last till the winters. Rosa Rugosa is one of the popular Species Roses. Old garden roses have a great fragrance that cannot be matched by the modern hybrid roses. These roses can be grown easily and are resistant to diseases. Old garden roses, which are usually available in white and pastel colors, can be categorized into China Roses, Tea Roses, Damask roses, Bourbon roses etc.

Modern Roses are those roses which came into being or were identified after 1867. Available in a different variety of colors, some of the popular modern roses are Hybrid Tea roses and Floribunda roses. Proper care needs to be taken for modern roses, which face some difficulty in adapting to chilly conditions.


Tulips, which are available in different colors, shapes and sizes, ranks third in the most popular flowers worldwide after Roses and Chrysanthemums. Austrian biologist Carolus Clusius was the person who introduced Tulips to the world. Tulips, which have six petals, are available in 100 different species.

Depending on their blooming time, tulips can be divided into early flowering tulip, midseason flowering tulips and late flowering tulips. While Early Flowering Tulips bloom in March to early April, Midseason flowering tulips are at their best in April to early May and late flowering tulips bloom in May.

Water lily, Red Emperor and Greigii Tulips are some of the examples of Early Flowering Tulips. Parrot Tulips, Darwin Hybrids and Swan Wings Tulips are some of the Midseason Flowering Tulips while some of Late Flowering Tulips are Double Late, Lily-Flowered and Multi-Flowering Tulips.


One of the amazing flowers in the world, Orchids can be found in almost all countries. Different varieties of orchids have found their place of pride with some countries acknowledging them as their national flowers. Orchids can be classified into three categories -- Epiphytic Orchids, Lithophytic Orchids and Terrestrial Orchids - according to their growth habits.

Epiphytic Orchids grow on the branches of the trees. Air, rain and any vegetation, which comes in contact with roots, provide Orchids the necessary nutrients. Lithophytic Orchids grow on the tree's base or even crevices in rocks. They get their nutrients from decaying mosses. Terrestrial Orchids grow under the ground and is provided the essential nutrients by a special fungus over the ground.


Known as Flower Fairy or the King of flowers in China, Peonies symbolizes wealth, luck and happiness. There are around 30 species of the flower. Peonies, which are usually large in size, bloom during the late spring and early summer. These flowers do not need much care and can even survive in harsh winters.

Available in different colors like red, white or yellow, Peonies are not only known for its flowers but its roots have medicinal value too.


Originating from South Africa, Agapanthus are available in ten species. Lily of the Nile, African Blue Lily and African lily are some of the other names of Agapanthus, which is also known as flower of love. It generally grows in the shade of the trees to protect itself from sun.

Sweet Pea

Sweet pea, which has its origins in the eastern Mediterranean region, owes its popularity to its exquisite and sensuous fragrance. Available in different colors like lavender, pink, purple, yellow and red, Sweet Pea can grow up to one to two meters.

Dahlias, Apple blossom, Bird of Paradise, Hyacinth, Casablanca Lily, Lilac, Pussy willow, Viburnum and Wax flower are some of the other flowers available in the spring.

Be it any flower, no one can disagree that spring flowers add a bit of color and zing to our rather monotonous lives.