The Simplest Ways to Decorate your Bedroom

Most of the time, we end up paying a lot of attention to the public areas of our home, neglecting the one space that becomes our sanctuary – the bedroom. The bedroom is the place we retreat to and spend time to refresh and recharge. Let’s look at some of the simplest ways to decorate the bedroom.

Pick the Right Colour

  1. Picking the right colour is the easiest way to refresh the look of the bedroom
  2. Pick a shade that is warm and energising and gives enough scope to play around with shades, contrasts and textures of the other elements in the room
  3. A shade of paint that is too dark can get depressing and gloomy
  4. A shade of paint that is too bright can hamper sleep and relaxation

Work Around a Theme

  1. Pick a theme for the bedroom and build everything else around this one element.
  2. Popular themes to choose from are colour based, mood based or even built around the main piece of furniture in the room.
  3. If you have a bed with a striking headboard, build the other elements such as the bedspread, cushion and colours around it.
  4. The element you pick as a theme will serve as inspiration for all the other elements that will be built around this main one. 
  5. A chandelier or an interesting light fixture could also become a theme around which the bedroom is planned.

Add Interest with Art Work

  1. Art pieces on the walls help anchor the room and give it character.
  2. Frame a large sized vintage poster of a record cover.
  3. Display of personal memorabilia like medals, soft toys or even a sea shell collection can be used to add interest to the room
  4. You could also bring out your jewellery collection and pin it to the wall with a bunch of nails or tacks so that it not just adds interest, but is also readily available at arm's reach when you need it.
  5. If on a budget, inexpensive art can be created by blowing up a poster or picture from a magazine and framing it.

Get the Light Right

  1. Decide on the activities that you will be doing in the room before deciding how much of light is needed and how many sources to bring it in.
  2. There needs to be more than one source of light to add layers to the bedroom
  3. Bedside lighting is a must, to allow for reading in bed or creating mood lighting
  4. Options for lighting in the bedroom, apart from bedside table lamps or wall fixture lamps can be an interesting chandelier or a paper pendant light.
  5. Bulbs should spread warm yellow light and should not be harsh

Choose Comfortable and Durable Bedding

  1. Choose comfortable bedding. This may be the biggest part of your expense.
  2. Bedding should be comfortable, durable, easy to maintain and dust resistant
  3. Duvets, extra pillows and throws will be add ons to invest in.

Add Soft Touches

  1. Pillows, extra cushions and throws are additions that will help in adding colour and texture to the bedroom.
  2. Repeating the colour of the curtains or blinds in the pillows or throw will add depth.
  3. Coordinate the colours with the colours of the wall, duvets and even the art
  4. Add fresh flowers to the dresser or bedside table to add colour and interest

Clear Clutter

  1. Clear the bedroom of clutter to make it more inviting
  2. The bedroom should be a sanctuary, so remove stress causing material such as work related stuff, desks, sometimes removing the television also brings a lot of calm to the bedroom
  3. Go around the room and look at all the things that are lying around, decide if they need to be in the bedroom, put them away in concealed storage if they are absolutely needed to combat clutter

Choose the Right Curtains

  1. Adding interesting curtains is one of the easiest ways of decorating the bedroom.
  2. You can have 2-3 sets of curtains to change with the seasons, sheers for summer and spring and warmer and thicker ones for winter.
  3. Curtains should allow natural light to flow into the room and yet give privacy
  4. Boldly patterned curtains can double up as interesting artwork or the focal point of the bedroom.

Add Some Seating

  • Adding some seating in the bedroom with an interesting chair or an ottoman adds a multipurpose utility value to the room
  • It can be used to sit down while getting dressed in front of the mirror, anchor a purse or books or even as a perch near a window for a spot of quiet reading
  • A storage ottoman can be also used as a bedside table allowing stash space for a spare blanket or shoes.