Silk Wedding Flowers

Silk Wedding Flowers - You are all set for the D-day. A day which will be one of the most memorable days of your life and you don’t want anything go wrong. Your wedding gown is ready but you are worried about flowers. You don’t want them to wilt or get damaged. You can opt for silk flowers which will not only look like fresh flowers; they will also smell like them.

Silk flowers or artificial flowers are made from polyurethane, poly vinyl chloride better known as PVC, latex and synthetic or natural fibers which may or may not include silk. These flowers are flexible as fresh flowers.

According to popular belief, artificial flowers are not the modern day invention. It has been discovered that our ancestors used to make artificial flowers from wood shavings and even hair.

Advantages of silk wedding flowers:
  • a) Silk wedding flowers, especially of superior quality look as real as fresh flowers. Their smell is similar to that of fresh flowers.
  • b) They are convenient and everlasting. Now you no longer need to worry about the flowers getting wilted or damaged. You can also keep these flowers with you as a reminder of one of the most important days of your life to cherish it later.
  • c) You don’t need soil, water or fertilizers to grow these flowers and maintain them thereby helping environment conservation efforts. You also need not worry about the flowers getting sufficient sunlight.
  • d) Silk flowers are more cost – effective as compared to the fresh flowers.
    Silk wedding flowers come in different qualities, which may suit everyone’s pockets.
  • a) Low end artificial flowers: are made from cheaper materials and as a result their petals fall off the stems easily. The color of such flowers is uneven and has frayed edges. They are cheaper as compared to medium and high end artificial flowers.
  • b) Medium –end artificial flowers: are made from better materials. They look like fresh flowers when seen from a distance. However, if one takes a closer look at such flowers, he will be able to tell that these are fake. But they are able to hold themselves and do not fall off the stem.
  • c) High – end artificial flowers: have around 100 percent resemblance with the fresh flowers. They are as flexible as the real flowers and their feel too is also similar to the natural counterparts. Edges of these flowers are not frayed.

Remove your worries about the flowers by opting for silk wedding flowers and make your wedding day a memorable one!