Shopping Through Directory

Shopping through directory, you can find different items related to a particular category or directory in one place. For example, if you want to buy a handicraft item or a traditional showpiece, you can go to the directory of arts and craft or if you want to buy a music system or a washing machine, you can go to the electronics directory.

One particular directory, say Arts and Crafts, would house all the online shops related to the category.

Advantages of Shopping through Directory:

a) People can find different kinds of items from around the world within a single directory. This makes it easier for them to search different but related items. You don’t have to find other websites for such items. So it not only saves your time but it also saves you a lot of effort.

b) Shopping through directory is very convenient as it can be done while sitting in the comfort confines of your home. You don’t have to face any traffic snarls or parking woes. Also you don’t have to face the sweltering heat or chilly weather which you would have experienced if you would have gone out for shopping.

c) Most of the times, the items that are bought online are cheap as compared to the physical outlets as the websites do not have to bear the cost of employees or taxes and other expenditure which have to be incurred by the physical outlets.

d) Detailed information about the product like its facilities, features, uses, price and refunds etc is given on the website which helps the potential customer in making his decision.

Disadvantages of Shopping through Directory:

a) One of the major concerns is regarding the security. Many cases of identity theft and hacking have come to the light, making the potential customer wary about shopping online. To avoid identity theft, make sure that the website you are working is encrypted which will ensure that no third person can read your personal information. You can also request for credit card agency to issue an alternative number for use while doing online purchases. This way, you would not have to reveal your real credit card number. Make sure that after you have done the purchases, you take the print out of your order and the receipt of the website. This will come in handy if your order gets delayed.

b) Another disadvantage is excess of information. Since a particular directory will contain all the online shops specializing in that category, there could be information which would be of no use to the potential customer. For example, if someone is looking for paintings, it is not necessary that all the online shops may deal with paintings.

c) There is no way you can test a product before buying it.

You have to very careful if you want your online shopping through directory experience to be a memorable one.