Shopping Through Catalog

Catalog allows people to go through websites of different companies offering particular kind of products. Shopping through catalog makes it easier for you to compare different companies for a particular product as it comes out with all the companies offering the product.

How does shopping through catalog work?

First you have to open an account with an online catalog website. Type in the name of the product you intend to purchase. Most of the companies provide self-programmed or commercial search engine to locate the companies selling the product. After you have located the product and you want to buy more things, you can put the purchase on hold.

Once you have selected all the items you want to purchase, the website will ask you to verify once again the list of the items. After you have checked the items, you will be asked to pay through either credit card, pay pal or money order. Some websites also offer cash on delivery option. You will then get an email confirming the transaction and a receipt. Within a few days, your order will be delivered at your doorstep.

Advantages of shopping through catalog:

a) It is very convenient and easy as by typing the name of the item you will have many companies offering the product. This will make it easier for you to compare the prices and features of the product. It will also save you from searching for different websites selling the same product.

b) As compared to retail outlets, products can be purchased at cheaper rates through catalog shopping as online catalogs would not have to bear the expenses of the employees, taxes and other expenditure incurred by the physical outlets.

c) Detailed information is given about the products like its price, features and other instructions which make it much easier for you in decision making. Online catalog also carries reviews or remarks of the consumers which will further help you.

d) You will save time and effort as you don’t have to step out of the house in sweltering heat or chilly weather to shop for your products. Also you are saved from facing traffic snarls and pollution.

Disadvantages of Shopping through catalog:

a) The major disadvantage of shopping through catalog is security concerns. Credit card frauds and identity theft are some of the concerns which an online shopper has to face. Also catalog companies have to face the hackers and computer viruses which may damage the data and reveal the personal information of the customers.

b) Customers cannot check the products before hand. If the product you ordered is different from what you receive or it is damaged or not working properly, you are in for a major problem. Though most of the companies will replace the product with another one, it takes a long time.

c) Shipping costs are high especially if you have ordered the product from a company which is based in a different city, state or country.

Tips to keep in mind while shopping through catalogs:

a) Make sure that the website you are using is secure and encrypted as it will prevent others from seeing your information. If the website begins with https:, it means that the website is secure.

b) If possible, ask your credit card agency to give you an alternative credit card number which you can use while buying online so that you don’t have to divulge your real credit card number.

c) Always keep a printout of your order and its receipt given by the catalog company so that you can refer to it later.

d) When you receive the product, check whether it is not damaged and has all the facilities or features as shown in the catalog.

Take some care and precautions while doing online shopping and you will be the most content and relaxed person!