Shopping Channel

History of the Shopping Channel:

Shopping Channel is a home shopping channel from Canada. Owned by Rogers Media the Shopping Channel is headquartered at Ontario. The channel airs numerous products throughout the day demonstrating the various uses of the product.

Originally known as the Canadian Home Shopping Network, The Shopping Channel went on air for the first time on 1st January, 1987.

Shopping Channel was under the umbrella of the Canadian Home Shopping Club (CHSC), and affiliated with the U.S. Home shopping Network.

In exchange for the condition of not using live motion video and using only animated graphics and slide shows for the demonstration of products, the Canadian Home shopping Club (CHSC) was exempted from licensing by the Canadian Radio -Television and Telecommunications Commission. This restriction remained till the late 1990's when it was lifted. The channel then adopted its current name and used the acronym TSC which has a stylized logo. The use of this logo was reduced to a large extent after complaints from the hardware store chain TSC Stores, which used a similar logo.

Range of products:

The range of products that The Shopping Channel sells is vast. It has huge collections of products in jewellery, beauty and personal care, fashion, home,cooking and dining, health and fitness products, electronics, hobbies and leisure products, and gift items.


The Shopping Channel also sells products online using the website called customer can access this website to view the range of products available, place order, and track their orders and to access customer support. On the website, the customer gets access to products which are on discount or in the clearance sales. They can also review products, look at products which are termed as showstoppers and other information regarding products.


As is the case with most of the home shopping cable channels, The Shopping Channel has faced criticism because the products are mainly aimed at a female audience, such as jewelers, and dresses. What is interesting to note, is that when the company was known as CHSC, there were a larger range of products that they sold, such as home electronics, etc. these still appear from time to time on the Shopping Channel.

The Shopping Channel is one of the most successful home shopping companies. The range of products and the feedback from satisfied customers is what has been responsible for its success and sustenance. The company too keeps in tune with the needs of the customer by enhancing their products and taking care that they cater to the needs of the customer.