Shopping Bag

Bag is defined by the dictionary as a container or receptacle of leather, plastic, cloth, paper, etc. Capable of being closed at the mouth. Shopping bags are the bags used to carry and transport goods that have been purchased during a shopping trip or exercise. They are typically bags that have the capacity to hold about 10-20 liters in volume and are available for grocery and non grocery shopping. A shopping bag can either have no handles or one or two depending on the design.

It typically can be closed at the mouth using a snap fastener, zippers, draw string, or not be closed at all. Bags such as paper bags can be closed by simply folding the mouth. In most countries, plastic shopping bags are common and free with the purchase.

Shopping bag design:

The shopping bag typically is designed to hold about 10-20 liters of a product and has one or two handles to enable proper grip by the person holding the bag while using it. It has an open mouth which is sealable using a zipper, tie up, buttons or any other type of fastener. Shopping bags have undergone a sea change int heir look and design. They come in a huge range of material and designs and stores, especially the more expensive garment, lifestyle and jewellery stores have myraid designs and bags that are custom made. They may have the signature logo and colours of the store and serves as an attractive branding vehicle.

Environmental Impact of the plastic shopping bag:

However due to environmental concerns, the use of plastic shopping bags is being reduced and increasingly both businesses and individuals are preferring to use shopping bags made of material that is bio degradable such as cloth, paper or jute. In the European Union, where plastic bag usage is in the decline, reusable shopping bags are being increasingly used. These bags are made from environmentally friendlier material such as Jute cloth also known as Burlap in the United States of America. Reusable bags are also made from plastic but are much sturdier than the regular ones to ensure their reusability.

Infact in many countries such as Ireland there has been legislation to impose a tax on the use of plastic shopping bags in an attempt to reduce their use and encourage the use of more environment friendly material for the manufacture of shopping bags. Countries are adopting various methods to make the shopping bag greener by using recyclable material to make them and preferring the use of reusable bags.

A typical shopping bag is a medium bag made of many kinds of material, popularly of plastic and made to contain about 10-20 liters of volume. These are used to carry groceries, and other purchases back home. They could be bags that are meant for single use, or meant for reusability. They can be single-use or reusable. Types and typical use of shopping bags vary by country. Shopping bags for groceries are given free by the grocery store in countries like USA. However due to its impact on environmental pollution, many countries such as the countries of the European Union are discouraging the use of these plastic shopping bags and encouraging the use of bags made of environmentally friendly materials. Infact in some countries in the EU there have been legislations passed to tax the customer who uses these bags in a bid to discourage them.