Sherry Hill Prom Dress

Sherri Hill is an American fashion designer whose expertise includes making gowns, evening wears, and formal dresses. Always updated when it comes to the fashion scene, Sheri Hill prom dresses reflect the trendy lifestyle of the young women of today.

Prom Dresses Designs

The prom dresses of Sheri Hill collection highly reflect the lifestyle of the modern young women. There are styles for everyone, with different cuts, designs, shades and sizes to choose from.

Women’s Designs

What makes Sherry Hill in-demand during proms and grand balls is the prom dress that transforms from an elegant long gown to a sophisticated cocktail dress. The style lets the wearer look regal and elegant in a long gown during the grand ball, and for the party, the wearer just lets go of her long skirt to reveal a stunning cocktail dress which is appropriate for the prom after party. Also, teenage girls love wearing Sherry Hill’s collection because the dresses are made of soft fabric that allows ease and comfort in movement. The unique designs make use of different, eye-catching accents to make the wearer standout the entire night. These accents make use of the finest materials such as lace, sparkling studs, and gemstones.

Where to Find

Sherri Hill’s headquarter is located in Austin in Texas and its showroom and design studio is found in Atlanta in Georgia. Almost all of the states of the US have an outlet, boutique, or shop that carries the Sherri Hill brand.


Due to its overwhelming success, there are companies or individuals that are imitating the Sherri Hill style and design. To counter the spread of knock offs, Sherri Hill constantly reminds customers to just purchase from authorized dealers. The clients are encouraged to register the dress they bought in the company’s website for authenticity listing.

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