School Carnival Games

Want to raise fund for a cause? Carnival games are best as you can collect a real big amount if you plan it the real good way. And fund raising in school can be great fun through carnival games. School carnival are not just for fund raising, it is an outdoor activity where the students can get together and work towards the organizing of such an activity.

The best thing about a school carnival is that you can gather a number of participants including the students, their friends and family. And one more thing about school carnival is that the students provide loads of help in planning the carnival, arranging the games, and conducting it so it is much easier to plan.

Some Tips For School Carnival Games

When To Start Planning

Plan your carnival game at least one or two months prior to the event if you want it to be a success. Choose a few responsible students and at least two or three of the staff who would be working to organize the carnival game at the school. This does not mean everyone else has to shut up and keep their ideas to themselves, anyone with a good and innovative idea on anything like the games you are going to conduct, the prizes to be distributed or any new things to be introduced can indeed come forward to give their opinion.

Game Ticket

School carnival game should be conducted on a ticket basis. Calculate the approximate number of players you are going to have and either print that many tickets or paint it. You can assign the ticket designing duty to one or two of the students who sketches well. If you are may be having a number of guests, it is better to ask someone to print the tickets as it will be more cost effective and easier. You can either decide on one ticket to play the entire carnival games (one chance for each game) or you can print tickets for each game provided at specific counter.

What Are The Games You Are Going To Have?

Planning the game for the school carnival has to be done carefully if it is a fund raiser or not because you don’t want any bad comments on this grand function. You can do a thing to select the best and most loved ten or twelve games; put up an opinion poll among the students on the games they love the most and choose from the most suggested ones which is possible to conduct. Plan some games for little children, some for bigger children and some for grownups.

Some games recommended for the school carnival party are balloon stomp, dart game, spelling games, feel and name the animals, duck ponds, feed Mr. Jack, water gun shoot, hoopla throw, pin the donkey's tail, balloon dart etc.

Game Booth

Plan a layout of where you are going to set up each game booth, plan the size of each booth and which game you are going to conduct in each of them. Decide which games will come side by side, never plan two most popular games together as you are going to have a congested area in this side and the whole carnival fest will look unbalanced and out of order. Ask some of the students to make the booth by setting cardboard or plywood and painting the in bright colors. Decide the person who will conduct the game and the person to collect the ticket in each booth. You should also fix the amount to be collected for the tickets in each booth. The ticket fare can be kept fixed for every game or else you can fix a slightly higher ticket fare for more popular games.


Decide on how you are going to give the prizes, are you going to give away prize for each game won or are you giving away prize based on the points earned on the game. You can ask your students to contribute to the prize collection, ask them to give anything they don’t want and which was never used, like something they got for their last birthday or anything which they have more in number.

They can even contribute candies or sweets if possible. Don’t force your students to contribute make it a "do it if you like" collection. You will have to buy lots of new prizes for the winners contact the shop where you buy the stationary for the school; you can get pens, erasers, paint boxes and color pens at a slightly lower cost. Also buy some loads of sweets, stickers and other little things to give away as prize. Always remember to reduce your expenses as much as possible, you don’t want to end up with more of expense and lesser amount of fund raised. But do buy something good for the grand prize winner with the maximum score.

Food And Drinks

What is the fun in carnival games without cotton candies and crunchy pop corns. If you want your players to enjoy themselves to the fullest and not to run off because they are hungry, you should also plan a food booth. Arrange two or more food booth to provide refreshment for the guests and that too at different places, you would never want all the hungry costumers pushing themselves to one corner. Organizing food is also an easy way to collect more funds for your cause. You can order the refreshment at a nearby bakery or ice cream parlor and ask them to deliver the food fresh on the day of the event. If you can, borrow a popcorn machine and a cotton candy one to make the school carnival more happening. You can organize food booth to serve hot dogs, ice creams, soft drinks, snacks, French fries and fried chicken.

So let your school carnival be the most memorable one this time and don’t forget to plan before hand and assign every single task to a group or one or two responsible kids. Conduct everything as you have planned and if you would like, you can organize a trial carnival game two or three days prior to the main event and try to correct every big and small errors. Face painting and nail painting booth can also be set up to make the party more interesting and up to the mark.

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