School Calendar 2016

A school calendar is a valuable tool for all families. It is impossible to know when school starts, ends, and when parent teacher conferences or holidays occur without one. You can make this and every school year much more smooth and efficient by utilizing this tool that is always offered by your local school.

School Calendar Calendar Availability

School is a much more successful venture if all parties involved are all on the same page when it comes to what and when and where every event and expectation occurs. That is precisely why every school district puts out a yearly school calendar. The first place to look for yours is in the mailings that arrive from your school. At the very least, there should be a calendar attached to the monthly school newsletter that should arrive at your home.

Schools like to keep you informed of the happenings on campus, so there is always some kind of newsletter or communication letter. If keeping a paper copy from your school is not to your liking, then take advantage of the one in cyberspace, since most schools allow you access to this invaluable tool at their specific school or district online website.

Effective School Calendar Usage

You can help your student to have a successful school year by utilizing the school calendar. Make sure that all family vacations are worked around this school schedule so that your student can have as much instruction time as is possible. After all, it is pretty tough to stay on top of what you are supposed to be learning if you are not actually in school.

It is even a good idea for you and your student to use some kind of planning tool so that school activity dates are not accidentally forgotten. Such tools could include such things as:

  • a school issued planner
  • a store bought planner
  • a palm pilot
  • a home wall calendar
  • a desk calendar
  • a cell phone that has calendar capabilities.

Whatever tool that you choose to use, keep in mind that many schools do limit the use of electronic devices when on their campuses to reduce the chance of theft and learning distractions. Because of this, it would probably be wise to have your student use one of the portable paper options.

Being a Supportive Parent

Once you have discovered the school calendar and have decided the best way to keep track of all activities and expectations for both you and your student, now it is time to follow through.

It is easy to be gung-ho at the beginning of the school year with fantastic intentions of helping your student to be the best that he/she can be. The true test of a supportive parent is if they follow through and support the school calendar for the entire year.

  • Make sure that your student knows what is expected at all times.
  • Make sure that your student follows through on those expectations.
  • Make sure that your student gets as much instruction time as is offered.

These three simple resolves along with following the school calendar can help your student to be remarkably successful.