Saint Valentines Day Massacre

It was the name given to a massacre in which seven people were shot dead as a result of a conflict between two powerful, criminal gangs in Chicago on 14th of February 1929 .

Al Capone And Bugs Moran

  • These two gangs were, Italian gang led by Al Capone and Irish/German gang led by Bugs Moran.
  • The Six members of bugs moran gang were shot dead by the members of some gang in a warehouse on clark street.
  • The seventh of them was Johnny May, an ex-safecracker who was hired by George bugs Moran as an auto mechanic.
  • He was working on a truck that morning. The event happened in the morning around 10:30.
  • The prime suspect was Al Capone who was head of Chicago's crime syndicate.
  • Bugs Moran's North Side gang was basically the largest obstruction to the Capone association’s power in metropolitan Chicago. There were many rivalries between gangs like Moran’s had hijacked Capone's liquor shipments, competed in protection rackets, and murdered the allies of Capone.

Massacre Pictures

  • Next day the newspapers even printed the photos of the dead bodies’ upside-down so that readers did not have to turn their papers around to identify the bodies.
  • Chicago has memorialized the warehouse on Clark Street.
  • The place is now a tourist attraction.
  • The bricks from the bullet-marked rear wall were purchased and saved by a Canadian businessman, when the building was demolished in 1967. In recent years some other bricks have claimed to have come from the wall.
  • It was probably the most exposed and talked about Mob event ever on the Saint Valentines Day Massacre.
  • Several movies have been made on the incident and numerous books have also been written.

Other Facts and Figures of Movie

  • The Saint Valentines Day Massacre (1967) was the most popular movie with Actors Jason Robards, Ralph Meeker, Jean Hale, George Segal, Clint Ritchie and Director Roger Corman It was a colored movie in English of 100 minutes.
  • The movie was first released on DVD on 23rd May 2006.

Books on Saint Valentines Day Massacre

Some of the Famous Books are :

  • Capone: The Life and World of Al Capone by John Kobler,
  • The True and Complete Story of Machine Gun Jack McGurn by Amanda J. Parr,
  • Murder City: The Bloody History of Chicago in the Twenties by Michael Lesy.

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