Room Decorations

Room Decoration refers to the decorating of room. Room may be classifies as living room, Bedroom, Kitchen Room and Bathroom, etc. There are different types of decorations used for these rooms. Now after the brief introduction of roomdecoration, we can move to discussing these different types of rooms one by one. Let’s start up with Living Room.

  • Living Room is the first thing that comes in person mind when he enters the house. And it becomes the major objective for the house owner to make sure that the living room looks stylish and well decorated. Best and easiest way to decorate living room is paint. This is not an expensive idea and comes in budget. Color is a very effective way of setting a mood in the room. Living Room color schemes may vary from different people style and personality. Next thing which comes in mind in decorating of living room is Furniture, carpet and other decorating items. If you want to make your dining room attractive then one thing you should always take care is about furniture. No need for buy bulky sofa sets, as they will be more expensive; rather opt small furniture’s like stylish chairs, etc. Wall decoration is also a nice decorative thing which you guys can apply for decorating your living room. After discussing about decoration of living room, next move on to Bedroom.
  • The first thing which guys have to apply in your bedroom for making it attractive is using Interior decoration, although its somehow expensive but an great way to make your bedroom attractive and eye appealing. Bedroom is a place where we spend a lot of time in rearranging stuff and insertion not needed things. It is very essential to shift unwanted things from bedroom as the reason behind this is that these things cover up many areas in the bedroom. Rearranging the bed or wardrobe will give a fresh look to your room. Painting of bedroom walls is also a great idea and attracts people a lot. You people also have to add new curtains, bed sheet or pillow covers to your bedroom for making it decorative in low budget. You also have to apply few show pieces, wall hangings, corner pieces, etc for making your bedroom an eye catcher.
  • Decoration of Kitchen room is also very essential if you want to make your home attractive. One of the most essential things that look attractive in your kitchen is choosing a perfect color for your wall. I believe color is the most eye appealing thing when you enter any room and a good selection of color is must for your kitchen. Also for the kitchen wall, it’s a great challenge to install new tiles in trendy designs. distant from look beautiful and colorful, carpet make cleaning and wiping easy and simple. Another beautiful way to decorate your kitchen is to install bright curtains available in decorative patterns. Also, I want to suggest you people that if you want to make your kitchen as an modern one than install a spotlight above the cooking area that may actually make your simple kitchen look like a studio kitchen.
  • Every person uses bathrooms every day and that’s a good reason to have a well designed and adorned bathroom legroom. We always have to take care of certain things when we are planning for our bathroom décor. These things may include bathroom flooring, tiles, vinyl or selection of style, design color which one have to apply in their walls, bathroom makeovers and certain bathroom accessories. 

After discussing the decoration ideas and decoration in Living Room, Bedroom, Bathroom and Kitchen room, lets move on to the most famous style of decoration that is feng shui decoration. Feng Shui is the Chinese art of correct placement which translates’ the wind and the water’. People following this art believe that by arranging our furniture and décor in a way that aligns with nature, we can draw harmony and good wealth in our lives.

Though, few others believe that this is a complete waste of time and money. Let me tell you about few basic settings of feng shui at your home. The entry should be from the place which is clear of clutter and obstruction. If we talk about kitchen, then Gas stove is placed in the central, and a mirror is placed behind the stove so that it will give you a view, when someone enters in the kitchen.

In bedroom, bed is placed at the most commanding view of the doorway. Avoid shoes near the door.  Plants can be used as a good source of homedecoration. So, here I had tried to discuss the different ways which we people apply while the decoration of living room, bedroom, bathroom and kitchen. I had also tried to discuss interior design, wall decoration along with Feng Shui art.