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Samba Parade in the Sambodromo

The dedicated Samba Parade ticket page provides all ticket information.
Book early for Sunday, Monday and Saturday.
You can buy your tickets here

Magic Ball in Copacabana Palace Hotel

Best to buy tickets directly from the organizers
Golden Room: R$1,950=app. US$1,000
Noble Room: R$1,300=app. US$650
Standard R$1,000=app. US$500
Box: R$2,750=app. US$1,500 per person
Mandatory dressing: Men - black tie or deluxe costume
Women - long evening dress or deluxe costume.
Tel.: (+55 21) 2545 8790

Costume Competition in Hotel Gloria

Admission is R$50.00
Tickets are on sale at Rua Senador Dantas 117 / Room 2009 - Centro (Downtown)
Reservation also on (+55 21) 2240-3338 / 2840-4414 (English spoken after 15:00)

Balls in Rio Scala

For the Gay and Gala Balls, buy them a few days in advance.
For tables (one table seats 4 people) reserve 3-5 days in advance by phone or in person.
Call a few days earlier to find out about availability.
Tel: (+55 21) 2239-4448 / 2511-4140 (English spoken after 15.00)

Samba City Balls

Venue: Rua Rivadávia Correa 60, Gamboa
Admission: R$120.00 and R$60.00 for Rio residents
Box office from 18:30

Samba Land

Venue: Praça Onze, Centro (Downtown)
Tickets on the door
Admission: R$5.00

Dancing nights in the samba schools

Admission fee towards Carnival has increased around R$5.00-30.00 (Mangueira being the most expensive and sometimes full).
Men often pay slightly more.
You might be able to reserve a box.
Tickets are sold at the box office on the door.

Special parties and balls in many venues

Many venues, mainly in Copacabana, have some special theme nights during Rio Carnival e.g. hot singles parties. Ticket prices are usually under R$50.00. 

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