Rio Carnival Sambodromo Venues

Sambodromo Tickets and Sectors (Independent concrete constructions)

The Sambodromo (also famous as Sambadrome or Sambodrome in English Language) is the "stadium" of samba. It consists of the Parading Avenue (the samba run-way) and a number of independent concrete constructions for the audience (the well-known sectors) by both sides of the parade Avenue.

The modernist Oscar Niemeyer (world-famous architect) from Brazil designed the Sambodromo. Sambodromo was launched in 1984 and purposefully build for the Samba Parade. Sambodromo is made of concrete and it brings the feeling a bit old-fashioned for the post-modern eyes of nowadays spectators. It is encircled only by favelas, serving only small cultural events, during the year. Conversely, when it comes to life, it is really wonderful and overwhelming. Samba Parade lit up with extraordinary effects on Samba Parade nights, packed with thousands of cheering audience and surrounded by many other thousands of audience who possibly will not enter in to the stadium. Sambodromo can accommodate around 70,000 tickets/seats for the audience to watch the gorgeous and world class Rio Carnival Parade. On the other hand, Sambodromo cannot be rebuilt nor extended because it is under protection.

Sambodromo Location:

The Sambodromo is situated at the recognized origin of samba. It starts from Avenida Presidente Vargas, near Praça Onze and ends in Rua Frei Caneca. The huge square at the end of it, crowned by an idiosyncratic and very outstanding large concrete M, is entitled as the Apotheosis Square. Professor Darcy Ribeiro was the name of the Avenue was preferred by Vice-Governor Darcy Ribeiro to travel the Samba Parade to, from the city center. Avenue is 700m (half a mile) lengthy.

Sambodromo Amenities

  1. Sambodromo Amenities Contains:
  2. Snack bars, Refreshment stands, Restrooms in each Sambodromo sector.
  3. Spectators can walk behind the bleachers within the Sambodromo (which is lined with food courts, ice-cream stalls and souvenir stores with extra restrooms) for their refreshments.

Safety Sambodromo

The Sambodromo is the safest place in South America during Samba Parade days. There will be a excessive attention over the world-famous celebrities, politicians and royalties among the huge masses. The Sambodromo is protected by huge barriers around the stadium which nobody can surpass without using the gateways. Audience will be checked for both commercial and security reasons.

Sambodromo Rules and Regulations regarding Food and Belongings

  1. Sambodromo Rules, Regulations and Suggestions.
  2. Only fast foods will be available in the Sambodromo. So we suggest having your dinner before setting off.
  3. Plastic containers with beverages, foodstuff like sandwiches and fruits are allowed.
  4. Objects prepared with polystyrene, bottles, glasses, explosive materials like, firecrackers and fireworks are prohibited.
  5. Umbrellas are not allowed.
  6. As the show is extremely long and goes on until sunrise, some people take little mattresses and/or pillows to sit and even have a nap on.
    You can take some toilet tissue as in the later hours it might run short in the bathrooms.
  7. Binoculars/theatre, glasses, still camera or normal video cameras are allowed.
  8. Sambodromo is totally secured place. Every spectator has to cooperate with the Sambodromo security officials during the security check process.

Sambodromo advices regarding Dressing

Spectators can wear any kind of dress they prefer. No rules and standards to wear for the Samba Parade
Wear very light clothing and dark colors as it is generally hot all through the night and dark colors will not get too dirty.
Raincoats are advisable in the view of summer showers. Sambodromo store people sell raincoats.

Sambodromo Timings

  1. Sambodromo Parade starts at 17.00.
  2. Welcome show starts at 20.00 with King Momo opening the night through the Sambodromo.
  3. Arriving by 22.00-23.00 is a good idea as it is peak time of the parade.

Sambodromo Sectors - Seats

  1. Large, numbered, concrete constructions/structures down the samba run-way in the Sambodromo.
  2. The odd-numbered ones will be arranged on the one side and the even-numbered on the other side.
  3. The majority sectors (3, 4, 5, 7, 9 and 11) have grand stand seats boxes in front. Sector 1 contains only grand stand seats and is in the area where the schools manage themselves for the Sambodromo parade.
  4. Tickets of This Sector 1 are not for sale but prearranged by the schools.
  5. Sector-2 has enclosed suites on 3 floors (A, B and C).
    Grand Stand Sector 4 has classified for higher views. The boxes in front are excellent with full views of the whole Parade.
  6. Sector 2 is for the bleachers.
    Sector 6 and 13 has grand stand seats which are very economical due to the verity that they stay far behind.
  7. Sector 9 is the tourist sector-mostly sold overseas and is priced significantly higher.
  8. Even-numbered sectors: Coopatur - Tel: 2573-1009 / 3885-1000
    Odd-numbered sectors: Coopertramo - Tel:2560-2022 / 2560-1474

Sambodromo Seats

There are two varieties of Sambodromo seats:

  1. Grand stand seats (open or covered boxes)
  2. Numbered seats (numbered chairs).

How to get to the Sambodromo

  • Subway/metro
  • Hailing a taxi (app. US$20-30)

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