Rio Carnival Samba Parade 2016

Rio Carnival Samba Parade is certainly the highlight of Rio Carnival. The SambaParade is also known as or Samba Schools Parade, a completely unique occasion in the world.

The Rio Samba Parade is the evaluation (in fact a furious contest) in between the Rio samba schools. The panel of judges and audience watch these major parades in the Sambodromo which was specially organized for this event.

The Samba Parade is incredible; every person has to attend and watch at least once in life. The Rio Samba Parade is broadcast live to many countries in the world. Watching this event over Tele Vision is worth but not half as much amusing as it is livewire to naked eye.

Watch the Cariocas (the people of Rio) and Brazilians for the greatest and real experience during the Samba Parade. People say “Join with the crowd” for the real time excitement.

The Rio Samba Parade is a sole parade and completely different from remaining world class street parades at different locations. The Rio Samba Parade started as normal street festival parades, as public parading throughout the streets in groups with music and dancing. The parade-people would cross-dress over sexual and communal characters.

The Rio Carnival Parades in Rio advanced over years and became something special as it is a contest among the samba schools. The major contest was formerly held downtown. Then the major parades were shifted to the Sambodromo, particularly constructed for this Rio Carnival Parades.

The Samba Parade training begins month before the year earlier Carnival. Every Samba School rally’s thousands of fans who will make the different and variety parts of the school's show.

How is the Samba Parade Judged?

The Samba Parade is actually a magnificent contest for which the judges will give the scores just similar to sports. But Samba Parade offers entertainment as it has its strict rules.

Results & Rankings

The Samba Schools are judged in 10 categories.
For each category there will be 4 judges in total 40. Scores scale 5 to10 (with fractions) and 10 is the best score. They are calculated and declared on Ash Wednesday, subsequent to Carnival. The judges' booths appear everywhere in the Samba Avenue (many of them in Sector 2, opposite Sector 7) and are clearly noticeable with a poster reading "Julgadores".

The Samba Schools judged 10 categories:

Percussion Band in Samba Parade are:

  • Samba Song
  • Harmony
  • Flow and Spirit
  • Theme of the Year
  • Overall Impression
  • Floats and Props
  • Costumes
  • Vanguard Group
  • The Flag Beare

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