Retirement Party

Retirement Party Invitations

Retirement party is an event to engulf in introspection and gauge fond memories of your achievements and milestones in life. Now it is time to bid farewell to a routine life and look forward to altogether afresh innings in your life. The first step towards transforming this party to a memorable turning point is distributing retirement party invitation cards. You can check out the retirement party invitation ideas below.

Retirement Party Invitation Ideas

  • Choose an invitation card that reflects the type of party you are going to throw.
  • Don’t forget to mention the theme, if any, on invitation card specifically. Ensure to clear the dress code for the party, if any.
  • Give your contact details (phone number, address, email and mobile number) in the invitation in case of emergency.
  • Write the date, time and venue of the party in clear and bold letters. Weekend or public holiday will be preferable days for the same.
  • State every important thing about the party in the invitation, viz. 'please don’t bring any gifts', or anything else.
  • Don’t forget to add details and information regarding the retiree. Inform guests how many years of service the retiree has given to the company.

Retirement poems

Retirement can be a rough patch of life for most people, even if they have ensured themselves financially. For anyone who has been active for so many years, one fine day is told that you are left with no work, it can be very tough and hurting. However, you can start to uplift your mood right from the moment of your retirement dinner party.

As part of your retirement dinner party a few funny retirement poems can lift your mood. You need to sit down and analyze if you can jot down a few funny retirement poems! Now, as you have written few, you wish to test the waters before you actually read them out loud and clear. How about - a blog? You can build a blog and put a few of your funny retirement poems and watch the responses.
You will be amazed to see that there are many blogs like yours. This is a great way to start creating a small realm of network of people on the net - as it is never too late to find people thinking and feeling the same way as you do!

Once you receive a few responses, you can accelerate your own work and ensure that people come to your blog. So, to do this, you have to devote time on your funny retirement poems before a month of your retirement dinner party.

You will soon realize that it is an interesting pastime, which you might love to go ahead with. Now you can spare time to meditate and think, a blog is the ideal place to write down your thoughts and discover if there are like-minded people out there.

So you can solve quite a few of your problems as you have discovered something that will keep you busy and occupied after your retirement.

Retirement speech

Retirement marks the finale of a career life. Since it may be an emotional occasion, people generally find it difficult to make out what exactly to say.

You don’t have to be an eloquent speaker to give one. With the right selection of words, that express true feeling, retirement speech can be heartfelt and passionate.

Here are a few tips to ease your trouble to making a retirement speech:

Draw a Time Limit: It is important to ascertain the length of time you can speak on that occasion. After all, you cannot take up the task of boring your invitees by your speech that drags on and on.

Plan on the Material: Planning well in advance is important when deciding on the topic you have to touch. You can mention significant milestones and achievements of your career, or of the person you are speaking about. Don’t forget to name other people, who have been important in your career.

Rehearse: If you are planning to improve your speech, then ensure to rehearse the speech in front of your friends or family members. Get their suggestions and opinions about your performance as well as the content of your speech.

Draft your Speech Keeping in View your Audience: If the venue is office it should be more employee-based and formal. If the retirement venue is a restaurant or a casual gathering at someone’s home, then the speech should be informal.

Know the Venue: It is always advisable to familiarize yourself with the venue in advance. It will make you comfortable. So check out beforehand where the places like the stage, the mike, and the lighting are placed.

Find out Retirement Speech Ideas: The Internet is the best source for retirement speech ideas that consists of funny one-liners, retirement ideas, idea and many more. You could also draft a poem for retirement to provide it a personal touch.

Retirement party ideas

  • Most of us wait for that day when no more alarm clocks, no more overtime, and no more answering to the boss will happen to us. Retirement is freedom -- and of course a great reason to throw a party! If you are organizing a retirement party, here are a few great ideas:
  • Create a festive ambience. Steamer, Balloons, and a unique assortment of party menu are there, but for a retirement party, you can also include special tinctures. Collect some photographs of the retiree all over the years and enlarge the copies. "Frame" the pictures into larger sheets of hot colored construction paper, and fix them throughout the party room.
  • You can also print some quotes on nice paper, then frame and hand them like photographs.
  • Welcome guests with a speech written beforehand explaining achievements of the retiree.
  • Ask guests beforehand if they wish to write something about their experiences with the guest of honor. Be sure to choose bits that are especially funny or inspirational.
  • Ask guests beforehand if they would speak a few words about their experiences with the guest of honor.
  • If you would like the retiree to deliver a speech, plan it in advance. Some people are comfortable doing this, but others are not good public speakers.
  • Generate a short video by assorted video clips from the retiree's professional and personal life. Set the video to appropriate music and play the video for view by the party guests.
  • Most people are delighted receiving gifts. Some appropriate gifts for a retirement party may include luggage, books, home appliances or travel certificates,
  • Surprise retirement party may be one of the ideas. With an employer's permission, a person's final day on the job could be considered as the perfect time and venue for a surprise retirement bid adieu.

Retirement quotes

  • For most of the people retirement is considered as the time to enjoy, make merry and be happy for the rest of their golden days. Albeit there are some who might feel otherwise. This maybe the reason poems and quotes are made to pay tribute to retirees.
  • Retirement quotes can be found in books or over the on internet that are shared by those who already had undergone such experiences.  These quotes are very useful. You can add them in your retirement speech or can write them on your invitation card for a retirement party. Some retirement quotes can be humorous which make you smile.

Retirement gifts

While choosing gifts items for retirement you must keep certain aspects in mind like the hobbies, interests, sex, etc of the guest of honor.

Present & Gift Ideas for Retirement

  • After years of slogging, the best gift for final day would be to present the retiree, a travel voucher to a destination which had always been a dream.
  • Another great option would be a timepiece.  It would be an evidence of recognition by the company, to the years he/she devoted to the company.
  • The company can also gift the retiree bonds or stocks on his/her retirement. Besides providing financial security, these bonds would work as a solid proof of the progress witnessed by the company after the years of service rendered.
  • Gifting them a gym membership or sending him/her on a spa treatment in a health care center is also an awesome gift idea.
  • For retirees who are regular morning and evening walkers, the best bet would be a tracksuit and a pair of jogging shoes as a gift on their retirement.
  • You can also opt gifts, keeping in view the hobbies and interests of the people. For those who love reading, gift them a lifetime membership to a nice library.
  • Retirees, with a large garden at the backside, gifting him/her books on gardening, gardening tools or equipments can also be a hit idea.
  • Making an album of his or her accomplishments can also serve the purpose.
  • Bouquet of flowers and a chocolate or cookies box can also be a great idea.
  • The company can gift him/her a memoir with his name and the length of service engraved on it.