How to Replace Your Washing Machine Belt in Hassle Free Way?

Is your washing machine belt out of order? Are you looking for how to replace it? Well, here is how to do it in a hassle free fashion. While replacing the belt of your washing machines it is extremely important to make sure that the washer is unplugged and the power is off, this is necessary to avoid any electrical shocks that may arise in the process. In addition to this see to it that the water supply is turned off as it may also cause problems. It is also important that you are aware of the functioning of your washing machine and also about possible disruptions in its working. Your washing machine like most others uses the belt, which helps the transfer of power from the motor to the main machine. Now, the most usual disruption which occurs is the breakage of the belt which prevents the power from reaching the main machine. Another common problem arising in washing machines is because the belt gets loosened because of wear and tear, and prevents the flow of power. Smell like burning rubber and non-consistent turning of laundry are signs of belt loosening. Now, the problem is known you can start with the replacement.

The first step in fixing your washing machines involves opening of the access panel or moving the washer sideways to uncover the belt at the bottom. Once the belt is located, start by removing the pump coupling by unscrewing the clamps which secures it. Now, take the next step by taking the belt out from there. So, your old belt is now finally removed. The second step involves placing the new belt on top of the transmission pulley followed by placing the same on top of the motor pulley. After this, you have to make sure that the pump coupling is replaced or the mounting bolts of the motor are tightly secured. After all of this is completed you may now cover the panel and test the washing machines for correct functioning.