Religious Jewelry

Religious Jewelry - An Outward Symbol of Faith

Like any other segment of jewelry market, the religious jewelry signifies the religious affiliation and faith in god. It’s not only considered as the latest fashion trend for decorative purposes but also symbolizes the spirituality. From classic golden crosses to perfect diamond designs, Christian jewelry is gaining importance as an external representation of the individual’s inner devotion in Jesus. Even though there are many controversies in the churches regarding the cultural transformation from classic to contemporary, the fine religious jewelry and gold crosses are gaining importance.

The Symbolism of Religious Jewelry

All around the world many religions believe wearing the holy or scared symbols fortifies the loyalty of a person in relation to god.

  • Most of these classic and trendy jewelry designs symbolize the god’s everlasting love and eternity while wearing them. For instance jewelry made of thorns or glinted roses represent sanctity and spirituality towards Jesus Christ.
  • Wearing Magen Star or Star of David is considered as very auspicious and significant religious jewelry symbol for good fortune in Jewish culture. There are many trendy styles in gold, silver, wooden, leather, gemstone or beaded patterns suitable for both men and women for daily or occasional use.
  • The Christian Crucifix and the Hebrew Star of David in silver or gold are considered as the most widely recognized religious symbols often chosen for holy significance. However, since the cross is one of the earliest and most widely recognized Christian symbols there are available in many vivid collections of designs made with varied metals and gemstones.

Endless Variety of Religious Jewelry

  • From tiny rosaries and small bracelets to prayer beads, pins and pendants the religious jewelry is worn as an outward symbol of faith in catholic tradition. There are wide varieties of gemstone rosary crafted trendy hematite, traditional gold or silver cross necklaces, holy spirit pins and rosaries for all special religious occasions.
  • Whether it a religious sacrament of confirmation, a baptism or a first holy communion, the rosaries, crosses and medals depicting the pictures of various saints make perfect gifts for all ages. The purity rings, lockets, crown of thorns, earrings and carousel jewelry in original patterns available in fine sculpting designs are back in style among youth and teenagers.
  • Gold is considered as the most popular precious metal for themed classic religious jewelry models, but silver and other metals along with gemstones are also becoming very famous and adorned as symbol of conviction in the modern world.
  • To enhance the excellence of purity and piety the religious jewelry is offered in almost endless themes, materials and patterns. From the clarity of diamond models to the classic touch of pearls there are many rings, pendants and pins that are worn as a perfect symbol of religious belief and faith.