Quinceanera Dresses

Every Quinceanera dreams to be the Princess at the occasion of her Quince celebration, the Cinderella fairy tale most girls read and love.

Cinderella Story

The fairy tale that tells that one day your prince will come and all your fairy tale dreams will transform into reality was written in the seventeenth century. Today every girl has the opportunity and liberty of selection and education.

The enchanting Cinderella story offers the Quinceanera the opportunity of dreaming about her transformation from a little girl to a young lady as a Princess, supported by her entire court as she puts her foot into her glass slipper.

How to select Quinceanera Dress

How today’s Quinceanera should search her Quinceanera dress?

Take Someone Along

The first thing is to delineate your shopping plans. Bring someone along who will tell you the truth and should not pressurize you to jump into a decision. Begin by walking into some stores and try on several Quinceanera dresses as you can, until you find the one that is perfect for you. The challenge is to select a dress that you find most comfortable in, a style that is most flattering to you, and a design that you will photograph well in.

Take Time in Selection

Quinceanera DressThen, try on gowns in both pastel colors and white or any other color you wish to. Which one gives you a feeling of a Princess? Take your time and be as selective as you want to be. You are going to be the Quinceanera Princess.

Be Yourself

Most of us have at least one thing we do not like about ourselves. It might be our skin color, weight, height, or anything. The media makes it very easy for us to invest our time comparing ourselves to beauty queens and Hollywood starlets.

Feel at the Top of World

If you waste your time comparing yourself to others you are always going to find someone, somewhere, who is much better than you are, and you are always going to feel low about yourself.

This is your special Quinceanera day. You are the Princess! You have to be the best of the ball irrespective of how much expensive is your gown or what color or style it is.

Feel Good About Yourself

How you feel about yourself matters the most. When you smile you feel happy from deep from inside, from your soul. Your grace, your attitude will send the message to all your guests, you are in fact, the best of them all.

Other Arrangements

A Quinceanera party is all about enjoying that special girl in you who is moving from childhood to womanhood. It is your fifteenth birthday, and it is your moment to be treated like a princess. Of course, the party should be full of extravaganza and excitement. Guests will consist of family and friends, and the guest list will be lengthy. The decorations will need to reflect the special day with its grace, freshness and flavor. The food will be delicious and mouth-watering. The last narration will be the most important of all. The right decision regarding the Quinceanera dress will need to be taken.

Traditional of Quinceanera

Sweet Sixteen Quinceanera DressIt has been customary since many years in the Latin community to throw an extravagant party on a girl's fifteenth birthday. It has also been a culture for the guest of honor to wear a more extravagant outfit. The dress always displays a ball gown style, including ornate details and delicate fabrics. In the past, the traditional dress for this particular event would be made in either a pure white of a soft color of pink. These dresses often added ruffles and detailed lace. Now-a-days, some of the selections for details and colors have changed, but the attire still resembles an extravagant ball gown style.

Decide Colors

When selecting the right dress, keep in mind you have input. After all, the day is yours, and you should be able to choose a style that suits you and you like it. Try on multiple choices and select the one that is right for you by all means. When choosing, consider shades. While the tradition may have been pink or white, modern trend add a whole rainbow of hues, so select one that complements your complexion.

Set the Budget

These dresses can vary in price, so before you even start shopping, set out a budget. Do not try those dresses outside that budget, because if you select one you cannot have, it will simply ruin the moment. This is why a budget is of utmost importance.


Ensure that you really feel like a princess by selecting accessories to compliment the Quinceanera dress once it is chosen. Pick up earrings, bracelets and necklaces that include just the right amount of glitz without unnecessary overdoing it. If the dress itself is plain, you can wear more accessories, but if the dress displays great detail, choose minimum accessories.