Promotional Gifts

Corporate houses, especially those dealing with fast moving consumer goods and consumer durable, these days promote their company or its products by giving gifts with their logo on it to its clients, which generally comprise of general public.These gifts can also be given to employees to popularize the company and its brands.

Corporate houses very often give as gifts the T-shirts carrying the logo or slogan of the company to clients, employees or general public. Jackets, sweatshirts and caps are also some of the other options.

Stationery items like pen sets, pen stands and desk calendars will not only adorn the desk of your client but it will also have a recall value. These items can be personalized at a very minimal cost and are available in amazing ranges from three US dollar to 50 dollar and more. You can also give business organizer or executive diary to your client to keep him updated about his appointments and prior commitments, making him/her more organized.

Bags like backpack bags, office bags, travel bags, stroller bags, conference bags or laptop bags, which can accommodate laptop along with important documents, will prove to be very useful for your clients. You can choose from leather or Rexene bags. But if you want something ethnic and eco-friendly, you can also try out jute bags. Leather wallets with your company's logo embossed on it can also be given.

Soft toys may attract your little clients especially if you deal with consumer goods. If you make them happy, you can rest assured that your business is bound to go up as the recent research has revealed that children are deciding factors as far as fast moving consumer goods are concerned. Trendy watches, wall clocks, digital clocks or desktop clocks will help your client to be ahead of times and competition! Wooden or glass photo frames is also one of the good options.

Leather key chains, mobile covers, business card folders and conference folders are some of the economical options that the company can explore. Coffee mugs with the logo of your company will be a great hit not only with your client but also his family and he will be reminded of your company's service whenever he uses that mug. Coasters are it in aqua, leather or plastic is also a must-try option for those on the lookout of gifts that are not tough on the wallet. Bottle-openers, mouse mats and lighters too will be quite useful in daily routines of your client.

These days, lots of movie directors are turning to merchandise to create hype for the film before its release. So they come out with T-shirts, caps, games and toys to popularize their movie. Some directors give this merchandise as gifts to filmgoers while others try to earn additional revenue from its sale.

Makers of Alien and Predator, a 2004 blockbuster film, came out with play set, which included characters in the movie. Besides, you can also find many movie fans wearing Star wars or Spiderman T-shirt. You can also find a variety of toys on Spiderman or Superman in the market. With the growing competition, promotion and publicity has become the magic mantra of business today. Take advantage of the mantra by making your clients happy and your business will grow by bound.