Prom Hairstyles

For most women, prom nights top the list of most memorable events. More than the event itself, girls are concerned about their dresses, make-up, shoes, accessories and hairstyle days before the night arrives! Hair styling is probably the most difficult decision to make of all.

A good hairstyle can make a woman look like a star whereas a bad choice can mar the beauty of the outfit and the lady. While deciding upon a suitable hairstyle, make sure that the style:

  • Accentuates your best facial features
  • Complements the prom dress
  • Is compatible with the length, cut, color and texture of the hair
  • Is a reflection of your personality and attitude.

Different prom hairstyles suit different lengths and textures of hair. Let us discuss what is in the offering for prom hairstles types.

Prom Hairstyles

Image : Pixabay

Prom Hairstyles for Short Hair

Though styling options are limited, short-hair can be styled to achieve a sleek, chic look.

The Ultra-short Crop:

Only girls with delicate facial features should opt for this one. The style is low-maintenance and stays put till the end of the party. The ultra-short crop can be gelled to achieve a spiky, funky look. Natalie Portman and Halley Berry have sported this style with élan.

The Medium Bob:

The medium bob is a popular prom hairstyle as it suits most face types. An unusual parting, a head-band or a flick can add glamour to an otherwise girl-next-door style.

The Layered Short Cut:

The layered short cut is another good option for hair up to shoulder length. Ask your stylist to add textures and layers to enhance the volume and glamour quotient. Remember how Rachel carried layered short cut off in “Friends”?

Prom Hairstyles for Medium Hair:

Medium length hair does not require much hard-work and are versatile when it comes to styling. The trick however, is to get a good cut.

The Choppy Cut:

The choppy cut style looks best on poker straight hair as the textures are made to stand out. The choppy cut style looks hip and contemporary if cut in an aesthetic manner.

Au Naturale:

The straight-out-of –bed look is not actually what Au Naturale seems to be- it too needs some styling. Shoulder length hair can be twisted and scrunched up for a while when wet and allowed to fall in natural waves that can be sprayed in place for added sheen.

Curly Locks:

The ends of the hair can be rolled or flipped out for a bouncy style which looks vibrant when teamed with a cute hair accessory or an unusual band. A flick can add a new dimension to this do.

Prom Hairstyles for Long Hair:

Girls with long locks can feel blessed because there are a million things that can be done with lengthy hair.

The Sleek Look:

Glong hair can be ironed and worn straight for a hassle free style. Straight hair looks elegant and specially complements round and oval faces. The sleek look goes well with practically all types of dresses.

Curls and Waves:

Hair can be set into curls and waves or even crimped for extra effect. Cascading curls give a delicate feminine look especially in combination with strappy or bare-shouldered dresses. The parting and fringes can be experimented with to achieve a variety of looks. Shakira’s bohemian curls are a good example of how deadly curls can be!

Updo’s and Chignons:

Updo’s and Chignons might not be the easiest of hairstyles but the fact that they look gorgeous makes up for all the hard work. Hair can be swept up into a neat ponytail for a simple but classy look or twisted and pinned in different ways for a more elaborate style. The forehead can be kept clean if you are gifted with an oval or heart shaped face or some loose strands can be left to hang on either side to soften an angular face. Very round faces can be offset by a side partition and a long angular fringe. Bangs and fringes sometimes look fabulous with coifed updo’s. Although some styles can be achieved at home, most need a visit to the saloon. Updo’s and Chignons style can be accentuated by glittering clips, ornamental combs and flowers.

Prom Hairstyles for Curly Hair:

natural curls can look ultra-glamorous when tamed and harnessed.

On the Loose:

curls can be left open with a little smoothing serum or hair gel. Alternatively, they can be pulled over to one side and secured on the other side with a fancy clip or a flower for a bohemian look.


Curly hair can even be done up in French chignons with a few twisted strands hanging loose for a soft, elegant look.


Hair can be braided, weaved or styled in cornrows for a dramatic and strikingly different hairstyle. Afro-style styles look especially good on black hair.

The best way to end up with the best hairstyle is to start your prom preparations well in advance:

  • Do your research and examine current hair-styling trends and fashions.
  • Make saloon appointments weeks before the prom night
  • Estimate your prom budget-do you really want to spend a heft sum at the saloon or can you make do with a little help from your mother.
  • Plan your hair-cut or trimming session accordingly so that you achieve the desired look on that day.
  • Trends keep coming and going but make sure you don’t follow them blindly- be yourself and choose what suits you best.
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