Prom Dresses

A prom, short form for promenade, is referred to as a formal dance held at the conclusion of an academic year.

Case study

  • Young people, both boys and girls, try to make this occasion a memorable one and do not hesitate by trying out some really new, body-hugging and beautiful prom dresses.
  • Boys prefer to dress in a dinner jacket with black tie or bow tie. However, any formal wear can be worn; the only thing is that you need to look good. They may also make the use of vests and cummerbunds.
  • At times, boys also try to match their tie with the color of their date's dress.
  • Girls, on the other hand, prefer to wear formal dresses or gowns that are adorned with a corsage gifted to them by their date.

Short Prom Dresses

Short Cheap prom dresses are primarily approximately 5-6 inches more than the knee or a few inches above the knee area.

  • They have a flirty, cute and sensuous appearance.
  • It is worn by girls to incorporate an innocent and sweet look with informal experience.

Case Study: The most worn short prom dresses are:

  • pink prom dress giving a baby-doll look
  • black prom dress
  • sexy-tangled prom dress
  • ballerina.
  • Some girls and even women prefer a vintage short prom dress that have ruffles and laces and is made of satin.

Plus Size Prom Dresses

Plus size prom dresses are designed keeping in view the plus size of the dress. Each women or girl is different in her body structure and these dresses were designed to accommodate girls and women who have a slight heavy body weight.

Examples: One can also make the use of a dazzling or flowing shawl with any strapless plus size dress.

Case Study: The plus size prom dress which is most commonly worn in the fashion industry is the short and strapless prom dress.

Designer Prom Dresses

Why Designer Prom dresses: It is the desire of every women or teen girl to have the extra classy, sensuous and gorgeous look which can distinct them from others at the prom night. This is the main reason why girls and women plan to have a designer prom dresses.

About Designer Prom dresses: These dresses offer an exclusive and radiant appearance and are also available at reasonable prices in the range of $200-$700.

Prom dresses

  • Prom hairstyles are something which cannot be ignored to even a small extent. No matter how good the prom dress is, if it is not accompanied by a great hairstyle, all the magic is simply worthless.
  • That sums it all. Leaving the hair straight down and use of slight ringlet curls are the most popular prom hairstyles nowadays.

Role of Prom dresses: The hairstyle has an important role to play in addition to the length and type of prom dress.

  • You may opt for a professional touch by paying a visit to your nearest saloon.
  • In case you have long hair, you may make them curly or straight or pin them up after leaving hair down.
  • In case of short hair, you may not any kind of hairstyle at all; you may also opt for leaving your hair down straight.

Wedding Dresses

The wedding dresses are worn at weddings or even at formal occasions.

Examples: If you are about to go for a wedding dress:

  • sleeveless
  • cowl neck
  • spaghetti straps
  • strapless

Above are some of the most popular dresses in this category.

  • You may also go for a-line dresses that look good on any body size or shape.
  • You may also opt for two-piece and two-tone long gowns depending upon your preferences.

Cocktail: A cocktail dress, or even a cocktail gown, is worn at cocktail parties and semi-formal occasion. The length of these cocktail designe dresses changes as per the prevailing fashion and custom in a particular community or country. Normally, the length of such dresses ranges from a height just above the knee area to touching the ankle area.

Case Study

  • The cocktail dress which reaches the floor is called "evening gown"
  • Dress which is about 2-3 inches above the ankle is called "tea length"
  • When dress touches the ankle, it is called as "ballerina"