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Group USA Prom Dresses Group USA Prom Dresses Group USA Prom Dress Group USA Prom Dress
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Group USA Prom Dresses Group USA Dresses Group USA Prom Dresses Group USA Prom Dresses
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In the United States, promenade is a semi-formal dance or assembly of secondary school students, which is also increased in the UK and Canada. Actually this event celebrated at the end of the senior year of secondary school. In this event students follow the popular culture and it is one of the major events among them. When secondary school juniors attending this event may call as “junior prom” at the same time seniors may call it as “senior prom”. Actually this event may be a mutual program for junior and senior dance.

In this prom, a prom Queen and a prom King may also choose among those students. These are complementary titles honored to students, who nominated in a school-wide vote and generally seniors are honored these titles. Juniors may also be honored, but would be called “prom prince” or “prom princess”. Remaining students may be honored with inclusion in a “prime court”.

The collection method for Prom Court is related to that of Homecoming Queen or Princess, King and Court. Inclusion in a Prom Court may be a sign of popularity of those elected students and their performance in school activities for example clubs or sports.

The winners of this event (Prom king and Prom Queen) may be given crowns to wear and participants may be given sashes to wear and took pictures of together.  Same events take place in many other divisions of the world. In Australia normally this event is conducted for students, who study in secondary school. Several schools hold an official event for final year students at the end of the year. In Ireland a debutante ball event may also conducted and it is also approved in Australia but these events are rare to conduct. The event "prom" is becoming more regular in the UK and Canada by reason of the influence of US TV shows and movies.