Pregnancy Calendar

At last you are pregnant! There is nothing more thrilling, adventurous, and at times even scary than carrying a child. In order to keep your anxiety level down as you go through this experience, utilize a pregnancy calendar. This one tool can be a tremendous help in understanding how your body is changing. It can also help you to understand how your little fetus is developing. This type of information is invaluable in keeping you cool and collected throughout your entire pregnancy.

What is a Pregnancy Calendar?

A pregnancy calendar helps you to keep track of what is happening to you and your growing baby during every stage of your pregnancy. It can be very exciting to realize exactly how your little child is developing and when everything happens. This calendar can almost give you a picture of what is going on inside your belly.

This is great since after all, it would not be safe for you or the baby to actually use your own eyes to see inside your womb every single day. Knowing that what you are feeling and experiencing is normal in a pregnancy is also comforting as this experience of growing a human being inside of you sometimes feels a little strange and can make you feel anxious.

What is in a Pregnancy Calendar?

Pregnancy calendars approach giving you information in several different ways. Some break the pregnancy up into each month. Others give you an almost day by day description of what is happening to your baby. Whether any given pregnancy calendar approaches the topic monthly or daily, you will find that there will be sections that pertain to each of the three main parts of the pregnancy. These parts of the pregnancy are referred to as:

  • The First Trimester
  • The Second Trimester
  • The Third Trimester

Each trimester includes three different months in the pregnancy.

Where Can I Get a Pregnancy Calendar?

There are several different places that you can find a pregnancy calendar. Many bookstores carry a pregnancy calendar in a book form, or even in an actual calendar form. Your obstetrician may even give you a pregnancy calendar in the pregnancy materials that he/she provides you with. You can also find one online.

The numeorus maternity websites may approach providing you with a calendar in a variety of ways. Some insist that you register with them so that they can give you weekly or even daily updates of what is happening to both your body and the little developing body of your baby. Other sites simply offer you a calendar to view instantly. Some places specialize in providing you with only baby development information, and others may focus on how your body is changing.

No matter how you choose to acquire your pregnancy calendar, or what focus the calendar you have chosen has taken, the knowledge that you get from this tool will help you tremendously. Knowledge is power; especially when it comes to such a life changing event.