Planning A Winter Wedding

Weddings are joyous occasions, whatever the season maybe. Each season lends its own joie de vivre to the occasion. Winter has its own unique feel, bringing to mind mildly falling snowflakes, log fires and of course Christmas. The holiday season makes weddings more enjoyable as family, friends and guests are relaxed and in the mood to enjoy.

Winter Wedding Plans

You can have a spectacular winter wedding, just plan and use the offerings of the season to your advantage. Choose a theme for the wedding, say Christmas, Snowflakes or Valentine’s Day. Choosing a theme makes it easier to co-ordinate colors, flowers, your dress and the wedding decorations.

For instance if you go for a snowflake theme, you would have a lot of crystal snowflakes, the colors which accent your theme would be silver, ivory, ruby reds, ice blue, sapphire and shades of white.

Planning For a Winter Wedding:

Winter Wedding Venue

The venue would depend on the number of invitees and needs to have adequate heating. A church or cathedral would be an ideal choice. Think different and go for a log cabin, an old mansion or a club resort. If available why not get married in one of the old castles with huge fireplaces and roaring fires. The main feature to be considered is that the place is not too cold and drafty. Next is the location of the venue, it should be accessible and easy to reach by all the guests.
Dispense of your limousine and arrive at the venue in a white horse driven carriage.

Winter Wedding Decorations

Winter wedding decorations should co-ordinate with the theme and color scheme you have chosen. Most of the venues already have their own decorations in place, so you would need to add a personal touch. For the snowflake theme use drapes in two different shades of say ivory and sapphire.

Another idea would be to use white gossamer with silver tints as a drape and suspend soft twinkle lights behind the drapes for the added sparkle. You can purchase silvery foil snowflakes and suspend them at regular intervals. Spray paint bare branches of artificial trees with silver or ice blue paint and then hang different sized ice balls in silver or ice blue and ivory.

For table covers use pristine white cloth topped with sheer white lace, for the centerpiece, fill a large crystal bowl with ruby red fabric roses, or a silver candelabrum with white candles. An ice sculpture near the entrance will definitely elicit admiration from your guests.

Swag sapphire blue tulle in front of the tables and secure shimmering snowflakes tied in silver bows at regular intervals.

Christmas decorations are already in place in most places. Add your creative touch, use plenty of fresh flowers and pick up decorations at bargain prices at clearance sales and let your imagination run riot.

Winter Wedding Apparel

Indulge in your desire for strapless gowns, simply team up with a fur stole or cape in pristine white, with a diamond tiara in your hair. Traditional gowns in satin, velvet and crepe can easily be worn in this weather. You can enhance the gown in lace and small swag of flowers. If the bride is in white, let the bridesmaid’s sport ruby red.

The groom and his best men can wear navy blue or ivory tuxedos, with silver or ice blue cummerbunds.
Jewelry is only diamonds, pearls and sterling silver. Less is often more and go easy on the jewelry.
This season allows for furs (faux, of course), stoles, shawls and coats, so indulge in this item of your wardrobe.

Winter Wedding Food

Food can be rich and traditional, in keeping with the winter tradition. So roll out baked hams, roasts, beef stews, macaroni, selection of cheese, and a feast that would only be hampered by your choice and budget.

A sumptuous three tiered wedding cake in white with a sprinkling of edible poinsettia and holly berries made of icing. Alternatively decorate the cake with edible snowflakes. End with a serving of apple cider, hot chocolate or eggnog.

Winter Wedding Invitations

Let your wedding invitations reflect the color scheme you have chosen, it will be a preview for your guests. Choose hardbound paper, to make your personalized invitations. Use silver, ice blue glitter or emboss with holly. Another idea would be to go in for a sky blue invitation with slowly falling snowflakes motif. Make sure all relevant information is printed on the card and make sure to request an RSVP.

Winter Wedding Favors

The holiday season offers many ideas for wedding favors. Scented candles or small tins of tea, cocoa, or cider, or a small Christmas decoration with your names engraved on it. Wrap candies in sheer organza tied with a bow, or small ice balls in different colors.

Winter weddings evoke a feeling of warmth and reflect the happiness and cheer of the holiday season.