Personalized Gifts

Gift is a way to someone's heart. A thoughtful gift expresses one's feelings when the words fail. It shows how special you are for the person. And it becomes far more precious and valuable if personal touch is added to it.

A personalized gift assumes more significance as you are constantly reminded of the love of its sender. A T-shirt with the photo of two of you or your complete family will always remind you of happy times you shared. It will also help you to go through a lean phase more cheerfully, looking forward for those good times again.

Photo frames with a cute personalized message; photographs of your first date, wedding or honeymoon will revive those good old memories and take him/her on a route of blissful dreams. A DVD or CD of romantic songs, interspersed with your romantic personal messages or anecdotes about your love for him/her, will give him/her a different kind of high. Cuddle up together and listen to this CD and he/she is sure to be touched and emotional about it.

Wine glasses or coffee mugs with his/her name or photo engraved on it are another option. You can even get a message written on the other side. You can also gift your loved ones beautiful china plate with his/her photograph and a romantic quote or message glazed on it. This personalized china plate can even be kept in your drawing room as a decorative piece.

Beautiful and thoughtful hand-made cards with cute and lovely messages can be used to impress your girl or guy. You can write some self-written romantic poem for your partner. If you are not creative types, you can add some quotes from famous personalities about love to express your feelings for him/her. He/she will treasure this card for years to come. This card could be framed and kept in your bedroom, always reminding you of each other's love.

If you want to give a personalized gift to a newborn, you can give him/her a Silver plate, spoon, bowl and glass with his/her name engraved on it. This gift will be cherished forever and can be even passed on to his/her children as reminder of your love. You can also give the child gift boxes containing quilt, blanket, bed sheets or a pillow with his/her name or initials engraved on it. A name frame, which includes child's name, date of birth and photo, can also be given as keepsakes. These name frames can even be given as wedding or anniversary gifts with the photos of the couple.

Teddy bear, wearing a T-shirt personalized with the name of the child or any message, could be another gift, which the child would love to have with him always. Personalized backpacks with one of your favourite photographs of your child and a cute little message for him/her would make this bag very dear to him/her.

There are many websites like and getting from where you can buy gifts online and get it personalized. Though some of these websites personalize these gifts at no extra charge, some of them do ask for more money. Add your personal touch to the gift and see your loved ones' face brighten up with a large smile on their lips!